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Pearl GateNearby City

Pearl Gate

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"Another attraction worth visiting, I took the whole family. Everyone is very happy. Following the mountains near Pearl Lake (south side), Y606 This is the coolest place in Beijing. The altitude is close to 800-1100dom. On the top of the mountain, there is a view of the small visual and aesthetic harvest of the mountains. There are few visual feasts all year round. There are sheep scattered among the mountains, valleys and slopes. Along the mountains near Pearl Lake (south side), this is the coolest place in Beijing. The altitude is close to 800-1100 more than meters. On the top of the mountain, there is a view of the small mountain vision and aesthetic harvest. There is a rare visual feast throughout the year. The sheep scattered among the mountains, canyons and slopes...Y606 finally meets Y710. Follow her to the west gate entrance of Pearl Lake or back to Beijing (G109 National Road); the confluence area can see two magnificent railway bridges (to the transport artery of Zhangjiakou)! Before driving to the "Luzi Water Village" there is a path to the great arched railway bridge across the Pearl Lake Mountains, the 1980s is the largest railway bridge in Asia, a unique scene. It is the only way to see her except waterways! The road is about 3 kilometers, gravel and earth, winding in the mountains. Part of the road is narrow, one side is very deep valley! Should be decelerated early at the corner, whistle! If you are on the cliff side, you must avoid the danger of the wind! A few days ago, photographers took pictures at the edge of the cliff, a gust of wind blowing, an old man on the edge of the teetering, if not the response of colleagues quickly pull the old man over or really will be a major accident! Experience the pearl lake and the huge reservoir along the mountain road. Winter lake mercury wrapped, ice clinging to the lake surface is spectacular, beautiful! Then go to the ancient city along the river to see. There are many antiques. At the same time, the accommodation is convenient. Tip: Open iron arch bridge is best not to go through the railway tunnel. There are many trains passing the tunnel! Must know the interval of trains is safe! In the tunnels, the trains can't stand the strong vibration and sound, not safe!!! Recommend taking the nearby trail (crushed stone path), feasible car, narrow road surface!"