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Durham CathedralNearby City

Durham Cathedral

4.6/523 Reviews
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"Churches and Cathedrals"
Open on Sun,12:00am-4:00pm;Open on Mon-Sat,10:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"free. From Durham Railway Station, you can walk to here, not far, the scenery along the way is also good. Along the Weir River and see the wild growth of the plants by the river, you need to know that it was brought back from the foothills of the Indian side of the Himalayas by the order of the Queen of England. Have you seen this small weir in the Weir River? Every year in July and August, salmon and trout come from the sea to lay their eggs upstream from the sea across this weir. Maybe you said, why is the water so mixed here? Yes, it is mixed but odorless, it is actually a safe vegetable oil discharge. The church stands on a peninsula surrounded by River Wear on three sides, also for reasons of ease of defense and difficulty of attack. The most fun thing about the church is that you can take pictures! Can take pictures! There is no warning sign prohibiting photography anywhere in the church! There is even a clear text reminder that you are welcome to take pictures! For this reason, I also specifically consulted the priest here. He said a lot, but in general, it is only this year that the prohibition of taking pictures is only available this year, but I still hope that visitors will be conscious and not affect other activities such as prayers or take pictures. Churches will ring the bell, the older the church, the more so, but who knows when the church bell will ring? The church will strike at 1 quarter of an hour, half an hour, three quarters of an hour, and the whole hour, and tones 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively; in addition, it will strike the whole point with another tone on the whole hour. How did that sound? Is it smart? Someone is actually responsible! The bell is located at the top of the church. Three ropes hang from there. The bell-ringer will ring it every time it is time to tell the time. But this is a secret. You are not allowed to watch the church! The church has a long history, and of course there is no shortage of historical legends. There are stories about Cuthbert, the cause of the church’s creation. There are stories about Vikings plundering wealth and attacking here. There is also a king who tried to plunder treasure and destroy Cuthbert, and Hitler once wanted to blow up here but was saved by layers of clouds. These gimmicks, let's check these by yourself."