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Prospect MountainNearby City

Prospect Mountain

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"Let’s enjoy the maple in autumn—Prospect Mountain Scenic Area Address: Lake George, NY Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm We drove from Lake George Village all the way to the foot of Prospect Mountain. The cement road at the foot of the mountain is very smooth. It was easy to park and I started my mountain climbing trip. Looking from the foot of the mountain, I felt that the mountain was surrounded by red leaves, like an ancient jungle, waiting for me to go up and explore, and saw some people take the bus up the mountain, it seemed to cost 2 dollars, but I chose to walk up by myself . We climbed all the way up the trail between the mountain roads of Prospect Mountain. There are many small flowers planted on both sides of the mountain road, and there are dense red maple trees on both sides. It happens to be autumn. The red maple on the mountain is especially beautiful. , And found that the scenery of the mountainside is also very good. We arrived at the top of the mountain in a short while. The view from the top of the mountain looked very bright. Many people sat on the top of the mountain to have a picnic. Standing on the top of the mountain, they could overlook the entire Lake George, a green lake, and some people were sitting by the lake. Fishing, everything below looks so small. We can see that across the lake is another big mountain, wrapped in clouds and mist, like a fairyland, standing on the top of the mountain, looking around everything, and feeling very comfortable."
Overlook MountainNearby City

Overlook Mountain

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"Observation Deck"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Standing on the top of the world to see the world, what a beautiful outlook Mountain There are many beautiful scenic spots in the world. I don't want a scenic spot to be submerged in the ordinary because of translation problems, or because of traffic or other threshold problems. Such beautiful scenery It was destined to be extraordinary. I came to this attraction with excitement. It was really beautiful. ●When I came to this place, I realized that the scenery here is really beautiful, and I don’t know why there is none. What tourists come here are basically local people, and they are not very crowded, so you can enjoy the scenery here. In fact, this scenery is on the top of a mountain. The view from the top of the mountain is really very good, and the environment on this mountain is very close to nature, and it feels unspoiled. There are many wild animals on the mountain. It's really very special. ●The highlight of the overlook viewing platform on the top of the mountain is of course the viewing platform here. If you board the viewing platform level by level, you will find that it is really beautiful here, and I feel that the whole world is in me. At the foot of the forehead, the scenery is even more spectacular than that of Mount Zhu. You can basically overlook the whole city under your feet, and you can also overlook the magnificent natural scenery around it, which is really great. The opening hours of the attractions are 8:00-17:00, and no tickets are required. It is recommended to play for 3 hours"