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Things To Do in Hegang

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City Park
红糖泡泡Tianshui Lake Park was founded in 1958. Historically, the names of Lakeside Park, Artificial Lake Park and Hexiang Park have been used. In 2002, it was officially named Tianshui Lake Park. Get up early to visit the park. Compared with the daytime when tourists are full of tourists, the early morning in Tianshui Lake Park is extraordinarily quiet, showing another charm. There are few tourists on the road around the lake. The Huanhu Road, with a total length of 2260 meters, is a good way to exercise.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
胖胖轩Putuo Mountain Religious Cultural Scenic Area is located on Lulin Mountain in the southern suburbs of Hegang City, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with an average elevation of 200.13 meters. It is named after the construction of the Beiputuo Temple among the five Putuo of China. The park covers an area of 128 hectares, including Beiputuo Temple, Sanbao Temple, and open-air Buddha and Bodhisattva statues. The scenic area is steep and surrounded by green forests. Ascending the heights and looking far away gives people a sense of relaxation and joy. Whenever a Buddhist ceremony, tourists are like weaving, incense is lingering, and the roads are crowded with traffic and water. Now it has become a major issue in the national religious community Impact.
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GrandLineA newly developed tourist route in recent years. The canyon is densely forested, vegetation is lush, and creeks crisscross. It is a resort for hikers. It used to be called "Gold Mining Ditch" and it was under the Mohe Gold Mining Bureau in the late Qing Dynasty. It is said that the "Laojin Ditch" in the hit drama "Crossing the Guandong" in previous years refers to this area. There is now a gold on the other side of the canyon. Ancient town.
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o雪样年华oEach city has its own business card. Hegang City Museum tells the evolution of Hegang. And a long history of culture. It allows visitors to have a deeper understanding of the history of Hegang. Recommended.
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City Park
滇国剑客The park along the river, because of the river, the scenery here is good, whether it is the scenery of water and dust during the day or the scenery under the lights at night, it is very beautiful, giving tourists and friends a great imagination and vitality.
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追捕骆驼祥子Taipinggou Township is located in the north of Luobei County, Hegang City, Heilongjiang, 43 kilometers away from the seat of the county government, 133° east longitude, 44.5° north latitude, the lower limit of the fourth accumulated temperate zone and the upper limit of the fifth accumulated temperate zone. It has an area of 2142 square kilometers and a border line of 73.5 kilometers. There are 5 administrative villages (8 natural villages) and 3 forest farms in the township. The whole township is distributed in a strip pattern, trending from north to south. It is bounded by the Jiayin River in the north, the Yanjun Farm in the south, the Xiaoxing'an Mountains in the west, Heilongjiang in the east, and Russia across the river. The geographical advantage of being surrounded by mountains and rivers cannot be compared with the other 7 towns in Luobei County. Look at the scenery

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Yanjiang ParkHegang,China

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Hegang Geological MuseumHegang,China

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Xinglong CanyonHegang,China

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Putuoshan Religious Culture Scenic AreaHegang,China

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Tianshuihu ParkHegang,China

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Hegang Travel Tips

About Hegang

Hegang City (鹤岗市) is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, within the transition zone between the Lesser Khingan Mountains and the Sanjiang Plain. Hegang is located in China’s borderland, where the natural environment has been well preserved. The region is home to magnificent natural scenery such as that of the Chinese-Russian Heilong River Three Gorges, Bailong Canyon, White Dragon Pond and the Underground Forest. Other scenic spots include the Lesser Khingan Mountains Primeval Forest Park and the Weichang Red-crowned Crane Wetlands Nature Reserve. The main tourist activities on offer are canyon rafting, rock climbing, bungee jumping and skydiving.

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