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Probably too cold, Harbin gave me the feeling that it was just the right excitement. Regardless of the Northeastern, the screaming hot northeastern dishes, the colorful down jackets, the hot air that screams out of the sky, the colorful lights shining on the ice and the bright colored crystal ice are all lively. . This excitement, somewhere else, may seem a bit confusing, but in Harbin, it just makes people feel warm and happy, like hiding behind a mask and a thick big hat, the child is sonocent and innocent; like in the daytime According to our shadow on the Songhua River, we have a bunch of sunshine; like the big sister who sells cold noodles, sincerely, the pride of hometown. This lively, warmth of this city called "Ice City".
Posted: 25 Dec, 2018
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I don't know if you have fantasies about it. When you are old, where are you going? What do you do? Is to continue to work hard to make money, want to pay more for your children, or will stop, really enjoy your own slow time. I have thought about it. The most I want to think about is to find a beautiful place with my friends and watch the sunrise and sunset. This small village in the 18th station of the Greater Xing'an Mountains in Heilongjiang Province has made me feel a strong life. Feel free to stroll in this village, you will unconsciously slow down, as if you are a member of this place, lived here for a long time, those most common scenes, often the most touching. Often inadvertently, I will see the traces of time. The distance we always want to go is actually around us, in the daily life. 18 Stations is now the seat of the administrative town of Tahe County and the Forestry Bureau of the Daxinganling 18 Station. The name of 18 Stations originated from the Qing Dynasty. It was repaired by Moergen (Nenjiang) to Mohe Rouge during the Guangxu period. The eighteenth station in the Ditch Gold Mine Station. Remember this scene? Riding on Dad's shoulder is the happiest child, and in the blink of an eye, I have reached the age of my father. One day, my child will ride on my shoulder and go to the world. Many people think that playing cards is not good, but such scenes can be seen everywhere. I am in favor of the elderly to play cards, not only can prevent dementia, but also a hobby, a kind of pastime, otherwise life will suddenly be difficult. Their kind of serious and focused look is also a unique landscape on the street.
The shamanic village during the day is more like a white snow castle in a fairy tale. The rows of corn in front are true. Does it feel like YUMI Castle, Corn Castle? In the shaman's village, look for the taste of childhood, and take a group photo with two "fish welcome", thank the red powder fly to shoot me so long legs, the fish is as high as me, hung up by the red rope The Jingbo Lake fish represents the snow field next to the good luck Jingbo Lake Saman Village. You can come here to ski, ride a bicycle, and play the ice-making slides on the snow project, just like a piece of crystal shaman village. There are also ice dragon boat races in the snow field. Visitors can organize their own competitions fourth team. When they see that I want to take pictures, they dont avoid it. Unfortunately, they dont ask for contact information, they hope. They can see this photo on the ice dragon boat not only to test the team's ability but also to test the strength. One man wearing a Northeast scorpion, with a sled and a dog, has a Chinese version of "Christmas Grandpa" feeling. The snow field can also ride horses, but it still needs a little technical content. This is a very happy time. As a sister, there are many photographers along the way to help take a personal photo. It is very happy. Walking in such a snow scene, the mood is really great. Under such a beautiful scenery, just take a picture. Zhang is a personal photo sunset, the sun through the woods, very psychedelic, can not find more words to describe.
#ice #festival #happynewyear
Notes on tourism in Northeast China: 1, temperature: minus 10 degrees to 30 degrees, pay attention to measures to keep warm and antifreeze, especially those with young and old aging. 2, clothing: Northeast indoor and outdoor temperature difference is very large, try to wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off, otherwise you will get a sweat from the outdoor into the room, easy to catch a cold. 3, because the northeast climate is dry, indoors and coaches have more heating, so it is not cold. When I was outside at 20 degrees, I wore a thin UNIQLO thermal underwear, a sweater, a windproof ski suit, a pair of cashmere pants, a ski pants, and skiing. However, the maintenance of the foot is very important, it is best to wear a pair of waterproof and non-slip snow boots, the sole must be thick, especially for the cold parents, you can prepare warm and warm treasure, attached to the soles of the feet. Gloves are strongly recommended to buy waterproof and windproof! 4, Skin Care: It is strongly recommended to wear very oily skin care products to prevent rough and dry skin. I used the horse oil bought by South Korea in the whole process. When I was in Shenzhen, I was very disgusted with it. I didnt expect it to be used in the Great Northeast. I didnt do it after I used it. It was also very good! 5, eye protection: Before the departure, the Raiders said that they should prepare a pair of sunglasses to prevent the sun reflected from the snow from stabbing the eyes. 6, camera and mobile phone: buy more warm baby, without it, your camera and mobile phone will die very hard! Especially the iphone! The generation is not as good as the generation. My 6 sticks the warm baby and often drops the chain. Take two photos and turn off the machine for half an hour~
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