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Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is a very distinctive city. The city is very prosperous and culturally rich, highlighting both tradition and forward thinking. There are many business districts on both sides of Victoria Harbour, a favorite of tourists looking for a rich shopping experience, while the Star Ferry running across the harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island has been operating for over a hundred years. Hong Kong is also home to the first Disneyland in China, countless delicious eateries and a unique tea shop culture. The city is like a sediment of history being slowly carried forward by the currents of time. Hong Kong films were once a characteristic calling card of the city during their heyday, telling countless stories unique to the Hong Kong cityscape.

Popular Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland
43,406 Reviews
Theme Park
The heritage of the Walt Disney Company is alive and well at Hong Kong Disneyland. Different from any other Disney property on the planet, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort prides itself on offering a diverse and culturally distinctive Disney experience for guests of all ages. The park is divided into several "lands" (themed areas). These include Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, and Toy Story Land. Throughout the park there are countless restaurants and shops. Disney strives to have something for everyone and it is little wonder why this is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong.
Ocean Park Hong Kong
30,526 Reviews
Theme Park
Ocean Park Hong Kong is an animal theme park and amusement park. It has various attractions and rides, including four roller coasters, in addition to animal exhibits with different themes such as a giant panda habitat, a rainforest area, and polar displays. Ocean Park also features the world's largest aquarium dome. In addition to entertainment, Ocean Park engages in education, conservation, and advocacy. The park is known for its special events and celebrations during major holidays including Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Halloween. It is a popular and well-regarded attraction in Hong Kong.
Victoria Peak
11,379 Reviews
Observation Deck
Standing at 552 m, Victoria Peak is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island. From the summit area, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view. The public walking paths around the peak offer excellent vantage points for photographing Victoria Harbor and the marvelous Hong Kong skyline. It's possible to reach Victoria Peak by bus or via the historic cable car. There are stores and restaurants located in the Peak Galleria. Visiting at sunset or at night is simply spectacular. There is arguably no better place from which to glimpse central Hong Kong.
Tsim Sha Tsui
6,168 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Tsim Sha Tsui is located at the southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. It abuts Victoria Harbour and lies just across the water from Hong Kong Island. Shopping is a major attraction in Tsim Sha Tsui with many luxury brands lining the streets. Attractions include Kowloon Park, the Hong Kong Culture Centre, the Hong Kong Space Museum, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The areas next to Victoria Harbour offer stunning views of Hong Kong Island and the central business district. Owing to its popularity and location, there is lots to see and do in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Trip Moments

Hong Kong Travel | Shek O Completely Small and Fresh Photo Raiders - The weather in Shenzhen has been particularly good these days. A few breezes accompany the less strong sunshine, and the spring is full of breath. It is especially suitable for taking a walk in Shek. In recent years, Shi'ao has gradually become a popular attraction. Many people go on holidays and special holidays. It is recommended to choose to go on weekdays. Pass by others to try to whisper, do not bother others. When a girl comes, she will fall in love with this small fishing village. It takes a long time to stop and go. The following summarizes some photo tips for your sisters to refer to - 1. Never miss the colorful façade, where every family cares about their own house, painted in different colors, and a natural shooting resort. 2. Take advantage of the solid color fence and the logo on the ground. Some large-scale houses have wooden fences of different colors at the door, super like, very fresh feeling, and do not miss the huge slow sign on the road, very on the mirror. 3. The king of comedy shooting, the tree that Zhou Xingchi and Cecilia Cheung used to rely on has grown very high, from the small door to the outside is super quiet. 4. The seaside dam, along the seashore, has a very long, wide dam that can climb up the lower ground. 5.  Can not miss the beach and burdock powder, the lifeguard cabin on the public beach, many photos can be seen. 6.  More chic details are waiting to be discovered. Transportation: Subway Tsuen Wan Exit A, turn to No. 9 bus. The number of flights is not too much. The journey takes about 30 minutes.
Posted: 31 Jan 2019
I’ve been to Hong Kong 5 times already. Here I’ve compiled a list of instagrammable hotspots in Hong Kong, which have been widely circulated among friends:
Sai Wan Swimming Shed
Apparently superstar Leslie Cheng used to swim around here as a kid, but nowadays few people would go for a swim. Rather, it’s become an instagrammable hotspot in Hong Kong. There is a wooden bridge at this Swim Shed. If you manage to find the right angle, your photos will come out looking like you’re in the middle of the ocean.
Choi Hung Estate
Located in Ngau Chi Wan, Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon, Choi Hung Estate is one of Hong Kong’s earliest public housing estates and is known for its rainbow-colored buildings. Its walls have been painted in red, orange, yellow, green, lime, blue and purple, with each building being unique in appearance. The best photo-taking spot is the top level of the parking lot, which is actually a basketball court.
Graham Street, Central
On the walls of Graham Street you’ll see graffiti and visuals depicting scenes of old Hong Kong. Unfortunately the wall is right next to the road and if you want to take a photo, you will need to set up your camera on the other side of the road and wait for a gap between the cars zooming by.
Oil Street
Oil Street is located in North Point on the Hong Kong Island. There is a sizable courtyard here with a few old houses inside. This used to be Hong Kong’s Royal Yacht Club.
MTR station signs
The unique and colorful MTR station signs are all highly popular with visitors and their cameras. A few friends of mine went to take the subway in Hong Kong and one can constantly see these stop signs in WeChat groups and updates.
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Pavilion of Harmony near New Asia College This is just a large lake built on the slopes. Because of all the greenery nearby, it offers a naturally artistic landscape setting. It’s perfect for taking photos.
“Lee Tung Street”
Lee Tung Street was once called “Wedding Invitation Street.” After renovations, this 200 m long walkway offers a lot of restaurants, bars and shops. Unique gardening and greenery line this European-style street. It is a great place for photo-taking and going for a stroll.
“Night view on Victoria Peak”
As the highest vantage point on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak is the best spot to visit at night. Head up to the top with a trip on the old tramway while looking over the city’s breathtaking nocturnal landscape.
Star Ferry
Star Ferry is the most common form of sea transport on the Victoria Harbor. There is one available every few minutes, ferrying passengers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Take a ride on the historic Star Ferry and cruise in the Victoria Harbor. The night view along Victoria Harbor is breathtakingly beautiful.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018
This swimming pool was established by the Hong Kong government in the 1960s and 1970s. It mainly serves the swimmers' changing clothes. It is said to swim in the sea. It is said that Leslie Cheung also swam here during his childhood? But few people have gone to see now. Instead, it became a must-see photo point for Hong Kong's must-have card. The road to the Western Ring Swimming Pool is still quite tortuous. Is the entrance inconspicuous? Go through a tree-lined path? Then, next time The winding stairs can be reached. When you get out of the stairs, you can see many tourists who come to take pictures and take pictures. They are very lined up in a row. When they wait in line for the people in front of them, they can only pat around. For the pastime, although the photos look like a lot of people, you definitely can 't think how many people behind the camera are waiting to take pictures. There is a wooden bridge in the swimming shed. Although it looks thin, there are still many people who will go to the outermost edge to take pictures. If the camera angle is good, it will look like a rush in the sea. After a long time, it was my turn, and I finally took a few photos of my heart. Here is a reminder: the sea breeze is considerable; the water is rushing. When you take pictures, be careful. There are still many people waiting in line to take pictures, so try to shoot as soon as possible. After a long time, it was my turn, and I finally took a few photos of my heart. Here is a reminder, the sea breeze is vast, the water is rushing? When you take pictures, be careful. There are still many people waiting in line to take pictures, so try to shoot as soon as possible.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018


Amusement Parks
Hong Kong
As the undisputed granddaddy of theme parks, Disneyland Resort has been leading the way since 1955, inviting visitors to spend the day in the ultimate land of make-believe. What's the spotlights you cannot miss in these Disneyland parks?
Dannyboi   13 May 2019
Hong Kong
Towards the end of January, a palpable excitement takes hold in places like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are a time of great joy and precipitate the world’s largest annual human migration. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people leave major cities to return home to smaller villages or provincial towns. The journey is joyous as people fill all manner of transport, eager to return home to see parents and children. Lunar New Year is central to Chinese cultural life, yet what are the holiday’s major characteristics? Where can you go to experience the festivities for yourself? This short primer will provide some answers to these questions and should, by the end, have you anxiously awaiting your own Red Packet!
Dannyboi   13 May 2019
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong has long been a gateway into China and other parts of Asia. British explorers marveled at the natural beauty and protection offered by Victoria Harbour. The city’s location at the mouth of the Pearl River has helped Hong Kong become a major center for commerce, trade, and manufacturing. When factories started to leave the city in search of cheaper labor on the mainland, Hong Kong responded by developing into Asia’s premier financial center. Through it all, Hong Kong has maintained a remarkable identity and culture. It is a fabulous destination that offers visitors a wealth of options. From luxury shopping and fine dining to pristine natural parks, Hong Kong remains Asia’s gateway city.
Dannyboi   10 May 2019
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