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Hua Hin,Recommendations
Monsoon Valley Vineyard
On the outskirts of Hualuo City, about 45 minutes drive from the city, there is a vineyard run by the French: Hua Hin Wine Estate. We sat in the tuk tuk car, blowing cool winds along the way, the vehicles were scarce, the flow of people was sparse, the air was fresh, and we unknowingly passed through the bustling city and headed for the quiet suburbs. The endless vineyards on the mountain, there are very few tourists here, there are not many people who know Hua Hin, and there are fewer people who know that Hua Hin has a vineyard. The vast vineyards have become our private back gardens. Such a verdant color, set against the pale blue sky, is a beautiful natural picture. The grapes are still not mature, and a string of crystal clear green grapes hang on the rattan, which is mouth watering. We couldn't help but pick a few tastings, sour. You can also ride an elephant here and spend 300 baht to ride an elephant around the vineyard. Others are riding elephants across the river. We are riding elephants to visit the vineyards, watching the blue sky and white clouds, smelling the fragrant grape smell. This experience is great and special! At noon we dine at the restaurant next to the vineyard. I personally like the open design of the restaurant, close to nature, looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance, and the mood is more pleasant. There are red wine, white wine, champagne, liqueur, sparkling wine, etc. You can also choose a few hundred baht to try three of the most famous wines here. As for the staple food, there is a Western-style Western food, and the unique Thai spices are added to the Western food, which is very special taste buds.
Hua Hin,Recommendations
Maruekhathaiyawan Palace
Palace of love and hope
Hua Hin,Recommendations
Hua Hin beach
Those who like island tour, I believe that they will not be unfamiliar to Thailand. This country with a few smiles that come to the island, attracts countless foreigners every year, and travels thousands of miles away. Some people will like the fascinating blue of Phuket, some people will like the calm and clean white of Samui, and some people will like the colorful nights of Pattaya. The Hua Hin town of Prachuap Khiri Khan in southwestern Bangkok does not want to describe how beautiful it is. Real beauty should not be easily photographed and recorded. Beauty is often the most deeply rooted, and both civilians and nobles should be conquered by it. Hua Hin is using its tranquility to attract the royal family of Thailand. Hua Hin was discovered from King Rama VI. The King of Bhumibol has lived here until now. Hua Hin has grown for more than 100 years. From a small fishing village with no one to the seaside resort of the veteran level. It has not lost its true color like other beaches over-exploited. On the contrary, it has become more and more attractive after years of baptism. Hua Hin is not the kind of place that makes people feel amazing when they look at it, but slowly walks a few kilometers along the coast, and they will indulge in it without knowing it. Its sandy beaches are layer after layer, and each layer brings a very different touch to the soles of the feet. The white sand particles on the beachhead are very large, and the feet that are stepped on will be slightly painful. The more the offshore sand is, the more delicate and soft the sand is.
Hua Hin,Recommendations
There are two shops in Hua Hin that are very famous. They are all opened by Chinese. One is the Zhengsheng dining hall and the other is KOTI. The location is at the crossroads across the road from Hua Hin Night Market. The two are very close, and the google map can be Directly found, 2015 is just the 60th anniversary of KOTI opening ~ I arrived at 6 o'clock, when there were quite a few seats in the store, when I ordered good food, it was 10 Minutes of effort were all filled, and the queue began to line up. When ordering, I saw an aunt who had been squeezing lime juice at the door, scented and scented, and immediately ordered two cups to drink! Sweet and sour, original flavor ~ The Chinese dish below is called [Thai-style fish sauce and raw shrimp], which is a cold dish that I really like. Chinese people dont really order this dish, so On the menu is not the main push, the menu is in English, the popular dishes have pictures, but this does not, and can't read English. Which dish is this, but this dish is basically in all Thai restaurants, because it is Thailand. People's home cooking ~ freshly shelled raw shrimps with raw garlic and hot and sour sauce, one bite, can't stop! I searched the picture and took the picture directly to the waiter. At the beginning, the chicken talked with the duck. When I saw the picture, the waiter immediately understood it~ The next dish was delicious and weeping! Chinese should be [], the tender clams and eggs are mixed together, there is vinegar in the seasoning, and the white pepper is sprinkled, it is delicious! This is the [fried shrimp cake]. I didnt have it at first. Later, I found that every dish was ordered. Its really every table. I just added it. The shrimp mixed pork and fried. The golden succulent, super delicious, with raw cucumber and tomato on the side, bite on both hands, and get rid of the mouth~ [Curry crab meat], signature dish, crab leg meat is Boneless, but did not go too clean, still have to be careful to eat, bibimbap first-class, slightly salty. []! Spicy sweat, super cool ~ [Fried fish] ordered a non-spicy taste, generally, the feeling should be spicy and delicious ~ This meal is simply eaten Too satisfied! After eating and seeing long queues outside, there is really a reason for good business! In addition, this store also has a handsome guy who orders Chinese food.
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