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Huaihua City is located in the southwestern part of Hunan Province. It has many picturesque scenic spots and historical and cultural sites. Wanfo Mountain's Danxia landforms and the vastness of the Wuqiang River are all fascinating to behold. Huaihua is a beautiful place that has residents of many different ethnic groups. There are more than 30 different ethnic minority groups living here including the Dong, Miao, Yao and Tujia, all of whom show off their charming cultural style with their unique ethnic traditions.
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Things To Do in Huaihua

The Flying Tigers Memorial Hall
96 Reviews
Memorial Hall
kujialu1History should have no tickets, so that more people can understand the history of the rise of the Chinese Air Force! The aviation technical support of the United States has saved countless Chinese people and accelerated the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan. Some people said: The Flying Tigers don’t need to be thankful for paid support. Let these people take a good look at the arduousness of the hump route and the lack of air force. The suffering days of China. The conditions in the United States at that time, did they not receive a salary? Not for justice and human conscience, who would go to war-torn places and work for that salary? The expeditionary army, the British ran away without a fight. How many expeditionary troops did we sacrifice for nothing? The one who came back was a life of nine deaths! The most useful thing in the War of Resistance against Japan to help China was the Flying Tigers! It played a role in turning the tide! History is price-based, and it should be free for future generations to watch. You can’t use history to make money, otherwise the Flying Tigers can’t sleep! If the Flying Tigers Memorial Hall is renovated, there is a notice that no one can donate money. Most of the things used by the Flying Tigers were donated.
Qianyang Ancient City
140 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
M22***22The ancient city of Xiangcheng culture is located in Hongjiang city, Hongjiang city. Since the Han Dynasty, each dynasty has established county, Xiangcheng, Tang Tianbao first more Xiangjiang, Longbiao. Song Xining seven years to re-establish Xiangjiang. The ancient city culture of Xiangcheng includes ancient architecture culture, ancient academy culture, ancient ruins culture, ancient temple culture, ancient monument culture, ancient tomb culture, etc. Its ancient architecture is one of the ancient buildings in the west of Xiangxi Province, China.
Hongjiang Ancient City
394 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
我是路大哥Hongjiang Ancient Shopping Center is located in Hongjiang District, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, on the edge of Xuefeng Mountain in Western Hunan. It originated in the Spring and Autumn Period, formed in the heyday of Tang Dynasty, and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in China. From a geographical point of view, Hongjiang River, although it is a small place, gathers Yuanshui, Wushui, and Shuishui that lead directly to Dongting into the Yangtze River. The river is wide and the water is vast, like a torrent, so it has the title of "Hongjiang". In the early years, Hongjiang was just an ordinary post and commercial port. It developed into a giant town with thousands of fireworks during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is famous for collecting and distributing tung oil, wood, white wax, and opium. It is the material of the five provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and Shu. The distribution center is the economic, cultural and religious center of southwestern Hunan. It is known as the "Pearl of Western Hunan", "Little Nanjing", and "Southwestern Metropolis". There are more than 380 well-preserved ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Hongjiang, such as shack houses, monasteries, escorts, banks, merchants, foreign firms, workshops, shops, inns, brothels, newspapers, cigarettes, etc., with a total area of about 300,000 Square meters, it can be regarded as the classic of the ancient architecture of the south of the Yangtze River in China. It is like a picture of the Ming, Qing, and the Republic of China. It is a specimen of China’s modern commercial development. It is also the most complete and richest in China. One of the ancient cities in China is praised by relevant experts as the "living fossil of the budding capitalism in inland China". At first, I had never heard of the small city of Hongjiang. Although due to work, I traveled between Hunan and Guizhou several times, all transiting in Huaihua. She was always by my side, but I ignored her existence. It was a friend who told me that next time I was on a business trip, I could go to Hongjiang to see if I was free. Then I knew there was this small town. Chinese folklorist Mr. Lin He believes that the earliest Silk Road in China was the Water Silk Road that began in the Shang Dynasty 3000 years ago. The route was that Sichuan’s materials passed through the Yangtze River into Youshui, and then entered Yuanling (Ancient) via Youyang and Xiushan. The Yuanshui River in Qianzhong County (the prefecture of Qianzhong County) was replaced by a boat on the Hongjiang River in Xiangxi Province through Huangping, Guizhou (the former site of the Lan Kingdom) to the source of the Qingshui River, and then the caravan was changed to Yunnan, Burma or Vietnam, and finally to the Western Regions via land or the Indian Ocean. . As an important transit point on the Maritime Silk Road. Hong Jiang also had the opportunity to nurture and produce a shopping mall. The Hongjiang Ancient Shopping Center has "Qichong, Eight Alleys, and Nine Streets". The scale is very large and there are many things to see. I went there in the afternoon, and I was afraid that I would not be able to return to Huaihua too late. See the leopard in the text. Hongjiang, an ancient city with the best preservation of historical relics; Hongjiang, an original ecological scenic spot that has not yet been commercialized; Hongjiang, a good place for you to visit!
Chuanyan Mountain National Forest Park
23 Reviews
gz当地向导伊妹儿Chuanyanshan National Forest Park has good scenery, beautiful scenery, fresh air, pure natural natural scenery, a good place to escape the heat, comfortable, comfortable, interesting, natural oxygen bar, and super cost-effective.
Memorial Hall of the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the Acceptance of the Japanese Surrender
305 Reviews
Memorial Hall
丁香树It is very convenient to drive here by car, there is a parking lot. It is good to get tickets for free entry with your ID card. Such a patriotic educational base should not really sell tickets. It should let more people come here to feel and remember the anti-Japanese feat of the year. There is still a lot of historical materials in the memorial, you can see the whole process and background of the downfall.
Wanfo Mountain
280 Reviews
观天下Wanfo Mountain on the Huaihua Pass in Hunan is the landform of Danxia Peak Forest. The red peaks are undulating. The mountain is not very high. It will not be very tiring to climb the Ten Thousand Buddha Golden Summit. The air is fresh and there are not many tourists. Ten Thousand Buddha Golden Summit There are glass planks.

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Yelang Valley
Yelang ValleyHuaihua,China

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Zhongpo Places of Interest
Zhongpo Places of InterestHuaihua,China

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Passageway Zhuanbing Memorial Hall
Passageway Zhuanbing Memorial HallHuaihua,China

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Wanfo Mountain
Wanfo MountainHuaihua,China

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Tongdao Yutou Ancient Dong Ethnicity Village
Tongdao Yutou Ancient Dong Ethnicity VillageHuaihua,China

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Mount Xuefeng National Forest Park
Mount Xuefeng National Forest ParkHuaihua,China

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Huaihua Weather

Feb 25, 2021
5 ~ 10
Feb 26, 2021
Light rain
4 / 7
Feb 27, 2021
4 / 11
Feb 28, 2021
7 / 11
Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
6 / 9
Mar 2, 2021
6 / 13
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Huaihua
Feb 25, 2021 Huaihua Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:99%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:09/18:38
Huaihua Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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