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Tongdao Yutou Ancient Dong Ethnicity Village
Unlock the mysterious and original "Shantou", and see this is enough! In the southernmost mountainous area of Hunan, I am fortunate to have this Yi ancient village called "Shantou". It is a joy to heart, it makes people feel that this trip is worthwhile. Shantou Ancient Qianzhai is built on the mountain, cascaded and integrated, and is a very well-protected Yi village. In 2001, the entire village was rated as a national key cultural relics protection unit. The Zhaizi still retains the traditional Yi customs. The old people are dressed in traditional Yi costumes, sitting around the drum tower, the square, or the door of the house, next to the small river. Because there are very few tourists, you can feel the simple and friendly folk customs and feel the slight emotions of mutual respect and gentleness. compulsory course 1. Appreciate a Dai performance: There are two song and dance performances in Shantou Village every morning and evening. The "actors" are all villagers, the performances are original, the content comes from life, easy to understand. The key is to appreciate everyone's joy and participate in it. The performance when I went was in the afternoon. 2, Ascend overlooking the whole picture of Shantou Ancient Village: There are three places to overlook the ancient village. The morning, the evening, or the scenery after the rain is the best, you can photograph the ancient village in the golden or cloud. Need to pay attention to anti-mosquito! 3, eat a banquet, drink glutinous rice wine, taste the farmer's dish: the banquet is a feast of the Dai people's characteristics, have a chance to try it; the glutinous rice wine on the banquet should also taste, locals Also drink this. In addition to these two things, there are many strange foods in the village, such as sweet potato, alfalfa, and wild kiwi, which can be tried boldly. Do not eat the wedding banquet, eating Guzhai Tujia dishes is also very good to enjoy, there are farmhouse dishes in the ancient village, the ingredients are taken from the local, there are chicken, organic vegetables and so on. 4, and the relationship with the brocade and the reeds: is the most outstanding handicrafts of the Yi people. In the ancient village of Shantou, many old people still have the tradition of hand-woven brocade, they can walk into the locals to see them weaving, you can also buy a piece to take home to commemorate; Reed is the most popular ancient musical instrument of the Yi people. Many old people in Shantou Village will play the reeds, and the melodious music will be fascinating and can be seen during the singing and dancing performances. Location Traffic: Shantou Village is located in the southwest of Hunan Province, Tongdao Autonomous County, 9km away from the county. Because public transportation is inconvenient, it is recommended that the small partner travel by car to the best.
With the development of society and the improvement of the quality of life of the people, tourism has become a part of life. Especially in the era of popular tourism, rural tourism, as a newcomer to the tourism industry, not only satisfies the spiritual needs of urban residents to recall the homesickness, but also reduces the threshold of tourism with no ticket zero cost. A large number of surrounding residents are "going to catch up" style. Hunan is the hometown of Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice. Under the call of building a new socialist countryside, ecological experience parks, mainly based on sightseeing and fine agriculture, have sprung up. These modern boutique agricultural tourism eco-parks provide urban residents with the opportunity to go to the countryside, get close to nature and appreciate the joy of the countryside, so that more and more urban residents have deepened their understanding of rural areas, agriculture and farmers. To understanding. Xingkong Manor is located in Maotouyuan Village, Hongjiang District, Hunan Province. It is the first science and technology creative agricultural park in Huaihua City. Covering an area of 1600 mu, the park is a three-agricultural agricultural tourism industry. It integrates high-tech agricultural production, Internet of Things online interaction, experimental science, sightseeing and leisure. It is an agricultural sightseeing and tourism area with scientific and technological creativity + green ecology. Starry Manor is divided into high-tech intelligent greenhouse display area, green fruit and vegetable picking area, science education activity area, creative cabin leisure area, vanilla camping and recreation area, and characteristic commercial shopping area. Visitors can experience fruit and vegetable picking gardens, water leisure parks, eco-restaurants, etc... to enjoy a feast of leisure and holiday.
Chuanyan Mountain National Forest Park
In the winter, the mountains are covered with snow, and the silver is covered with silver. It is also beautiful. Where to travel here, the most important thing to miss is to experience the local folklore of the Huayao folklore. The building is a mix of the South and the North. The hanging foot building is all-wood structure, and the view inside is particularly good. Some duplex rooms also have a viewing platform. Hidden in the green mountains and green waters, the heights are far away and the scenery is picturesque. The price is not expensive. When you chat, you will find that the hotel is not expensive. It is 108 yuan on weekdays and 188 yuan on weekends. Relative to this environment, the price of conscience. The Yangejie Ancient Village is a natural village in the Yanshan Mountains. It is backed by the eagle-flying Jiuyan Mountain, facing the rolling of the Erdu River, the left side of the tiger's claws, and the right side of the stack of green dragons. In the ancient village, visitors can experience farming culture, etc., and do a bombing workshop to test the day as a bomber. The ancient village is in a dangerous position. Since ancient times, it has been a battleground for military strategists. When the husband is off, Wanfu is not open. According to historical records, the ancient village was built in the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty. It is more than 360 years ago. It is the secret squad of the squad of the sergeant Li Zicheng, the squad of the squad, the squadron of the squadron, the squadron, the squadron, the squadron, the squadron, the warrior, the wartime, the wartime Farming. Picturesque countryside, mountains and fields, walking in the fields, you will see a group of stocking ducks swimming in the rice fields. The rice paddy duck grown up in this environment is definitely very delicious. of. Xuefengshan Silky Chicken, Yaojia Bacon, Erduhe Tofu boiled fish, these are all local foods. It is recommended to eat at the Xuefeng theme restaurant.
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