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Things To Do in Huangshan

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
roiberadori was there on a rainy day, so it was all my fault i did not check the weather first. make sure you go there on a sunny day or a fair weather. make sure you book in a hotel that is near the bus station. they have their own bus station that goes to certain starting points. the earlier the better because i noticed that even if it was rainy and it was wednesday there were still so many people lining up to go there. do not bring your drone with you. they do no allow drones. they kept my drone in their office. when you reach the starting point (for me it started with Cinguage- i think i forgot) note: Take the cable car even if it is 90 rmb. it will save you time going up. Walking way up is not worth the climb. It took me around 5-6 hours reaching the top. by the way the entrance ticket is 190 rmb. the entrance for walking way up is different. i was walking my way up then suddenly there was a ticket check. i told them nobody asked me to purchase a ticket. they told me there is an office down. i was angry because i have to walk way down again to purchase the ticket from the office. they should not allow or open gates in the office if when you are already there on the top and they ask you for a ticket. what a waste of time. And yeah my journey going to the top started in the temple thingy maybe 930 am i forgot and i reached the top after 3pm... that was crazy walking way up. only very few, maybe less than 10 people were walking up. and i saw lots of people going down. So my suggestion for you is to take the cable car up and if you still have time you can go down walking and see some other spots. Going down walking by the way is 2.5 hours... cable car ride is just 15 minutes...
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Ancient Settlement
cncneuwamazing place to stroll for about 1.5-2 hoursthe ticket was a bit pricey but inside there is still good view. the small pond inside Honncun village is very stunning. also, the bridge you see right when you enter the gate, is beautiful too. inside Hongcun village, there is a little cafe, selling postcard with postal service — it’s a good memory for a traveller who loves sending postcards like me :)
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_We***11town is lovely, be prepared to buy a ticket. fan hua xiang bar - xidijingqu qingyunnong has great live music, great bar selection and great friendly staff.
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JerryA breath of fresh air! It's the third time I come to this place in the past three years and I like it just as much as when I first came here.
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E23***95Yuehua street has a very peaceful and relaxing ambiance. If you're looking for some quiet times away from city life,this is your spot. I stayed in #7 inn, the couple were both very warm and loving. Experience this yourselves.
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Ancient Settlement
Capt.Dell_A380Huīzhōu Ancient City now is a district in southeastern China, located in Huangshan City .The southernmost region of Anhui Province long before 1987 administrative division.

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Huangshan Hot SpringsHuangshan,China

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Huashan Mystery CaveHuangshan,China

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One Line Sky Scenic AreaHuangshan,China

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White Goose PeakHuangshan,China

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Doushan StreetHuangshan,China

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About Huangshan

Huangshan is located at the boundary of three provinces: Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi. Nestled in the embrace of the surrounding mountains, this is the birthplace of Huizhou Culture. A long and storied history has left behind countless historical and cultural sites and natural scenery. Climbing the Huangshan Mountains is an absolute must. Enjoy Taiping Lake and get a taste of an unrestrained life of leisure in this open space between mountains and rivers. The Huangshan Mountains are full of wondrous pines and strange stone formations. A sunrise over the spectacular sea of clouds makes for an unforgettable experience. Historic Tunxi Street in the urban area is a representative example of local culture. The Ming- and Qing-era architectural style of the area is preserved in a relatively complete fashion. On the street, there are many old shops selling Huangshan specialties such as tea leaves, iwatake (rock) mushrooms, Anhui Ink, inkstones, and the Four Huizhou Carvings (carved wood, carved stone, carved brick and carved bamboo).

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