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Spring City SquareNearby City

Spring City Square

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"What is the contrast between day and night in the landmark Quancheng Square in Jinan? Let's take a look at it with the zebras. 📍 Detail Address: No. 69, Paradise Street, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province 🚗 Traffic Raiders: The traffic is very convenient there, and the buses are especially large. The road is very congested, it is recommended not to drive a private car. Didi travel is also more congested, or green travel is more convenient. 🕙Open time: Free all day. 🌟Highlight feature: 1⃣️The area of Quancheng Square is very large, and the landmark building stands there. Not far away there is a lotus fountain, this is the core of the evening music fountain, the day in the square kite flying is particularly many people, kites in the sky, there are entry level, basic level, there are very high players, kites are very high. Kite attitude, also a variety of large and small, long and short, very suitable for the spring family mobilization. 2⃣️The spring city square at night is illuminated. The most remarkable nature is the music fountain. At 8:00 pm, there are many songs on time. Every song has different characteristics. At first, it is relatively flat. There are several songs behind it. The fountain effect is particularly good. The best location is a building behind the fountain, when the fountain is to start immediately when the upstairs is already crowded, of course, be careful, the fountain can be high, the wind blow you know. 📌 Small Tips: A road is across the business circle, there is everything to eat, you can try Lu cuisine, recommend nine-turn colon."