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Linlihu Ecological GardenNearby City

Linlihu Ecological Garden

4.4/518 Reviews
Ranked #10 in Zibo Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 8:00am-5:40pm (Local time)
"Linshu Lake, the water surface of hundreds of mu, is an artificial lake. The original design capacity of 2.5 million cubic meters. The building size of water capacity nearly 200,000 cubic meters. The twilight, the lake and the mountain cover, just like a smooth ink-splash landscape painting. Here, the scenery of the year is different, and spring travel makes people enjoy. "Spring trip, apricot flowers full of branches." The slope embankment on the goose yellow green, bees and butterflies dance, a full of vitality; The lake is smooth as a mirror, the waves are not shocked, the mountains are like a snail, reflected in it, is "Huihu lake as a mirror, a green mountain reflection. " Take the Xingshiang pulp, boat body with the oyster, into the picture, you travel comfortable. A sweeping wind, "Blow a pool of spring water, see the floating light leaping gold, mountain shadows change, a few forget me. If lucky meet the spring rain, see the lake mountain scenery, clouds cover, if looming, remote mountains, near the peaks, boating lake into an empty and quiet state. Located in the west of Boshan Lingqian scenic spot, Zibo City, the lake is a tourist original ecological scenic spot integrating mountain climbing, tourism, boating, fishing, accommodation, dining and meeting. The scenic spot is rich in plants, water quality sugarcane, and has a natural oxygen bar."