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Things To Do in Huayuan

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夏吹夏夜风Biancheng tea-house is located in the northwest border of Huayuan County, Western Hunan Province, 25 kilometers away from the county seat, located at the junction of Tonglu, Tonglu and Tonglu, was built in 8 years (1803), known as "one foot three provinces", is one of the four famous towns in Western Hunan, the ancient town of Biancheng has the ancient simple, rich national customs. In the "Border City" by Shen Congwen, the master of literature, is a beautiful scenery. Before liberation, the mountain city is male, the city, the river is leisurely. The green stone road is neat and elegant, the towers are ancient and aroma, the white towers stand, the ancient crossing boats, as picturesque as poetry. Poetry cloud: "Border City is intoxicating, suspected is in the painting in the middle of the tour." Famous writer Shen Congwen, with the background of tea hole, wrote the novel "Border City", well-known at home and abroad. After liberation, the castle tower, white tower although destroyed, but the ancient style, and new building, bridge and farmers market, for the side city tea cave added new scene, "Lianxinba", "side city" and other films, are in the tea cave filming outside. Many admirers take Shen Congwen's novel Border City as a guide map, looking for the white tower, stone bench and boatman's grave: Stepping on the ancient road of bluestone, climbing the waterside hanging feet to listen to the fishing songs floating under the moonlight, aftertaste that beautiful and moving story. Tea porridge, famous for Shen Congwen's famous novel "Biancheng" as the background. Due to the geographical danger, the history of the war families into the war. In 1802, a stone castle was built here, and 4 gates were built in the East and West North and south, and each gate tower had a fort and a fort of 420 gates. During the Sino-Japanese War, Chiang Kai-shek's remnants of soldiers were defeated by fleeing to Sichuan, and during the Liberation War, the Chinese People's Liberation Army led by Deng Xiaoping made a long drive from here to the southwest. After liberation, the city walls and gates were destroyed, but the island of Cuicui, the hanging tower and the stone street were still intact. On the sandy oil pipeline in three provinces, a 34-step stone steps were built to make up nearly 10,000 meters along the river sightseeing belt. Today, tea-pillar is a city with a hanging foot tower, the side of the city has a river, rivers have islands, islands have forests, forests have monuments, monuments have famous world-famous side cities. The main tourist attractions are: Cuicui Island, calligraphy garden, hanging tower along the river, ancient human ruins in the south, ancient city walls, Laladu, famous Lianfang, one foot three provinces and so on.
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131***93Very good scenic area in Western Hunan, especially the unique karst topography canyon and the four world-first Aizhai super-big suspension bridge, especially shocking, praise China's infrastructure madness, and the international geological circle called the golden nail face ask the roof, especially attracted me, And the hospitality of the original Miao residents here, so that the tour is very happy, satisfied.
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tomzhaoJishou Railway Station Square took bus No. 11 directly to the scenic area. The tourist center of the scenic area took the ticket with the mobile phone number to enter the park, watched the performance of Miao Village at 10:30, and then took the 12-yuan scenic bus to visit the Jiulongxi line and watched Liusha Waterfall, then took the 18-yuan scenic bus to tour the Yuquanmen route, watched the Yudai Waterfall and Wentiantai, Jidou Miao Village scenic spots, and then returned to the original road. The whole tour took about 5 hours. The scenic spot has beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and clear waters, fresh air, complete facilities, and the staff are enthusiastic and responsible, courteous, and will visit again if there is a chance.
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天鹅湖的青蛙Here the sour fish, the pepper and the movie is really more characteristic. I am in Changsha university, school many Tujia, the oysters did not think of to see the west.
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_FB***19This town is very unusual. Take pictures not as beautiful as you see with your own eyes. It was a very cheap decision that our family stopped by here before continuing to Zhangjiajie. Like charging the battery
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RITNBOur secret tip for Hunan visitors with access to private transport. When traveling to Zhangjiajie and/or Furongzhen make the detour to see this geo park. We discovered it by coincidence thanks to the exit sign on the highway. During the dry season the stones show their actual red color but even in rain it’s a dreamlike experience to see the 450 million year old stones.

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