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Huizhou West Lake
Speaking of West Lake, people always think of Hangzhou. You know that Huizhou also has West Lake. Like Hangzhou West Lake, it does not need to collect tickets. It is located in the central area of Huicheng City, Huizhou City, southeast of Guangdong Province, by West Lake and Honghua Lake Scenic Area. composition. It is characterized by deep and elegant landscapes, historical and cultural foundations, and leisure and sightseeing. It is famous for its five lakes, six bridges and fourteen scenes. Into the West Lake of Huizhou, the park is green and green, the air is fresh, and the pavilions are in sight. I saw several old people and children in the local area sitting in the pavilion and enjoying the cold, ready to wander in the boat. There is an arched bridge in front of Su Di, called Xixin Bridge. People take pictures on the bridge and record the beauty of the West Lake. On the left side of Xixinqiaotou is a pagoda mountain with an iconic building in Zhangzhou. The tower has eight corners, and it has stood proudly on the mountain since the Tang Dynasty. The great poet Su Dongpo once wrote the poem "A more mountain and a moon, a jade tower lying down." From the steps at the bottom of the mountain to the top of the tower, you can also see the distant view of the West Lake. After passing the quasi-district temple, you will come to Fengqiyuan. This is a small garden-like garden with a special structure. There are many rare flowers and plants in the garden, as well as beautiful rockeries. As soon as I entered the door, I felt like I was in the Royal Garden. Boarding Changyuan Building, standing in front of the rockery, looking down, the beauty of the West Lake is unobstructed. [Travel Tips]: Suitable for all seasons. Spring breeze, summer landscape, Fang Qiuzhou, winter forest dyed green. [Address]: No. 2, Huancheng West Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province [Tickets: Free
Daya Bay
Xiaoyan Bay Daya Bay Tsuen Wan, Huizhou, you have a lot of bays, and the sails are cool.
Huizhou Grand Skylight, a romantic color hotel is located in the fresh water of Huiyang District, Huizhou City, in the heart of the island, adjacent to Huiyang Sports Exhibition Center, Huiyang District Government, Palm Island Golf Course, Peninsula Cultural Sports Park and Danshui River Wetland The park is surrounded by greenery and the human environment is harmonious. It takes about 20 minutes from Huizhou South Station to call a drop of about 20 yuan. The waiter smiled and touched the automatic door for you in advance. It was cool when you entered. You will soon get a good room card. After the glamorous promenade, you will notice the beautiful glass sculptures on the left and right. The design of the hotel is matched with marble and metal, which is simple and elegant. Although the exterior of the hotel is a wavy single building, the interior is still very regular. After the hotel's bright cloister, the door is opened to see the floor-to-ceiling windows. Opposite is the sports center of Huiyang, and afterwards, the city scenery of Huiyang District is unobstructed, and the vitality and vitality of a city is unobstructed. Every ornament or mural in the room is not difficult to see the designer's intentions. The hotel is equipped with soft and hard pillows to make your sleep a pleasant one. In addition to the neat and generous guest rooms, the hotel also has a 1069 square meters column-free peninsula banquet hall and multiple meeting rooms, equipped with comprehensive conference equipment, can accommodate large meetings of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people. Company celebrations, exquisite wedding banquets, product launches and other activities. Gymnasiums, yoga studios, spas, chess and card rooms, open-air swimming pools, KTV and other recreational facilities are all available.
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