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On the way to Huidong Liwan, I always saw the sign of Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in Guangdong on the roadside of Lushan Town. This ancient village is Fanhe Village. It is located in the southeastern part of Daya Bay. It was built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. It has a 600-year-old village with a village in the village and a village in the surrounding area. Among them, the ancient village of Luogangwei, the ancient stage of the Qing Dynasty, and the sacred plaque are preserved. The intact cultural relics and monuments show a profound cultural heritage.

Fanhe Village has not yet developed commercial, there are no tickets, there are no crowds of tour groups, and there are no vendors selling goods everywhere. Even on weekends, only tourists who come here are sporadic and desolate. Walk quietly. The villagers are also very enthusiastic. When we see that we are holding up the camera, we will naturally face the camera. We also said to the people next to us: There are people from the TV station to shoot, we have to go to the TV. . . . I don't know how to smile.
Posted: 22 Dec, 2018
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At the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Wuhu, there are excellent chefs sitting in the array, whether it is the freshness of the ingredients or the dishes produced, it can stand the test. Phoenix Chinese Restaurant is based on Cantonese cuisine and Chaozhou cuisine. The team of chefs with decades of experience is based on two traditional cuisines. It is bold in cooking, food selection and taste refining. Innovation. At noon on the day of arrival at the hotel, we tasted a table of fine cuisine. Shunde fishing fish everyone knows, then have you eaten chicken? This Shunde wind and water for fishing chicken, not only good intentions, a variety of side dishes plus fresh and smooth chicken, taste is also very rich, refreshing appetizer. Phoenix roll onion and silver squid, the plate is very beautiful, the small silver-boiled silver carp is delicate and tender, with a unique flavor, only a little seasoning, it is very delicious. Shunde boneless squid, one fish three flavors: steamed, simmered pepper, simmered juice, the different parts of the fish are presented in different flavors, delicious and tender, and sway the taste buds of a table. Vegetable stewed shark's fin, cooked in a soup, looks very monotonous, but it is nourishing and healthy, good and smooth. Shunde Sibao fried milk is not as famous as fish, that is, it is ready to be fried and ready to eat. The fried milk is condensed without diarrhea, the milk is rich and rich, and it tastes soft and smooth, too top! Hot Dragon Fruit Thai Beef Grain, Summer Ice Town Four Vegetables is also innovative Cantonese cuisine, all very refreshing Huizhou Wuhu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Daren cuisine restaurant advocating Japanese cuisine nature The original spirit, the cooking style is exquisite and exquisite. The top ingredients are fresh and processed finely. Whether it is sashimi, seafood or sushi, you can achieve the same value and taste, and the appetite on the mirror!
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