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Salmon Arm WharfNearby City

Salmon Arm Wharf

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"Salmon Arm Wharf-a long curving wharf with unique scenery Address: 781 Marine Park Dr NE, Salmon Arm, British Columbia V1E 2X1, Canada Salmon Arm Wharf is a very beautiful wharf, the scenery here is particularly beautiful, very suitable for a few people to walk together Chatting, passing the idle time, taking a few nice photos~ This weekend I made an appointment with my friends, and the two of them gathered at Salmon Arm Wharf. I recommend the long wharf theme photography. Salmon Arm Wharf's winding long wharf is a great theme for photography. It is well preserved and very clean. The morning sun can be captured here. My friend and I came early and the weather was amazing that day, so the photos we took were particularly beautiful~ A pleasant walk in Salmon Arm Wharf, whenever I am, enjoying the lake and natural scenery always makes me feel happy, Salmon Arm Wharf has mountains as the background, standing on the dock overlooking the entire lake. The two of us walked slowly along the boardwalk by the lake and talked. As long as you pay attention, you will find that Salmon Arm Wharf has a lot of things worth seeing~ We both found some birds such as ospreys, eagles, wading birds, etc. Like animals, I’m very happy that they regard the lake of Salmon Arm Wharf as their home. Here, people and natural animals live in harmony. Everyone cares for each other without disturbing each other. This feeling makes me feel very good ~ Coffee on the dock If you want to have a snack, don’t worry, there is a small cafe at the end of Salmon Arm Wharf. The environment is good. Order a dessert in the cafe, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy the scenery of Salmon Arm Wharf. It is very pleasant!"