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For a hotel, the main thing is to return to the city at night, take a few hours to rest, put a bag of luggage and then take a shower. The new hotel opened in 18 years is still relatively new in terms of facilities, and the price in the early 400s is quite cost-effective. In addition, the activity of just hitting the Pudong Credit Card has been reduced by 50. Don't be too happy. The room is about 30 square meters, the bathroom space is quite large, and it is estimated that such a hotel should be thousands of dollars. With a small refrigerator, tea bags and coffee, the bath products are also ok~ The best is the pool upstairs in his house. It is better than many hotels. I dont know what star is this, but if I come out to play, Living is quite good, because I didnt live, so I didnt book breakfast. I have the opportunity to go to Jeju again. Leaving the airport is very close, 5 minutes drive, 2km is not available, taxi 3.7k won or so, silver taxi, very convenient.
Posted: 11 Sep, 2019
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On the second day of Jeju, playing outside to catch up with the heavy rain, the four girls shivered and found a small shop in the city. After entering, I found that there are still a lot of guests dining. The traditional Korean tatami needs to take off the shoes at the door and sit cross-legged on the ground. If it is winter, there will be floor heating under the butt. The guest next door is also Chinese, recommending stewed pork ribs and ginseng soup. The ginseng chicken soup has been eaten many times. The whole chicken is tender and tender, the belly is full of glutinous rice and red dates, and the boiling pot keeps the temperature high. It is easy to separate the chicken with a spoon, and there is a soup with meat and a staple in the bowl. The pot of stewed pork ribs is bigger, bigger than the ordinary hot pot, and the hot red pot is coming up, feeling that the whole body is warm. In addition to the ribs of the oversized roots, there are potatoes, vegetables, and rice cakes in the stewed pork ribs. The soup is very red, but it is actually slightly sweet and spicy, and the cooked meat and vegetables are very tasty. When eating in Korea, there is always a scary big scissors on the table. The Chinese waiter will brush the ribs on the ribs twice, and cut the kimchi bean sprouts into the pot for the size of the entrance. We added a packet of ramen in the soup, and the four girls eliminated a whole ginseng soup and stewed pork ribs. Address: Jeju City, Jeju-dong, Jeju-dong 250-5 Tel: 0082-064-7483989
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