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About Jiangmen

Jiangmen is a large city in Guangdong famous for being a hometown of many overseas Chinese. The "Kaiping diaolou" defensive watchtowers scattered about the countryside have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site From the wide open rice fields to the densely packed forests of bamboo, there are many different styles of watchtower and each tower has a moving story. The movie "Let the Bullets Fly" has numerous scenes that were filmed here in Jiangmen.

Popular Attractions in Jiangmen

Guifengshan National Forest Park
202 Reviews
Guifeng Mountain,is named because of its shape. It is Jiangmen's natural oxygen bar. The mountain is a great place to hike and take in the beauty of the surrounding mountains, cycling around the lake or simply coming here to enjoy the fresh air of nature is a very good choice. The site of the Xinhui Labor University that was inspected by the Yutai Temple and Premier Zhou Enlai shows the deep cultural and historical heritage embodied here.
Bird Paradise
474 Reviews
Boat Tour
Bird Paradise is a small island with a long history. It has a long history of large banyan trees. It is a forest of woods and is known for its thousands of birds. This is exactly what Mr. Ba Jin’s "Bird's Paradise" describes here. The birds are out of the nest and the scenery of the birds returning to the nest is spectacular. The birds on the island are more egrets and grey herons. The egrets return to the evening, and the grey herons squat out in the morning. They alternate each other, morning and evening, circling and flying, and they are very spectacular.
Chishi Scenic Area
54 Reviews
Chishi Scenic Area is located in Duruan Town, Jiangmen City, representing the extremity of Guifeng Mountain. There are ancient temples in the scenic area, as well as well-maintained gardens. In the morning, you can see the sunrise over the top of the mountain, and in the evening, enjoy the view of the lights of Jiangmen city. The Chishi Mountain is a branch of the Guifeng Mountain greenery zone that juts out to the northeast. Every year for Chongyang Festival, many people will climb the mountain to the peak to admire the spectacular views.
Baishuidai Scenic Area
61 Reviews
The Baishuidai Scenic Area is the “lung” of Jiangmen City. There is a stream flowing through Mayuan Township, which looks like a white ribbon from afar, so it is called Baishui Scenic Area. There is a stream, three springs and the Tianshan Mountains in the scenic area. One creek is Maxi, and Sanquan is Hongtaoquan, Longkouquan, and Dijingquan. The five mountains are Dahua Mountain, Shantou Mountain, Songzi Mountain, Hongtao Mountain and Hulu Mountain.

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1 Jun, 2020
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2 Jun, 2020
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Trip Moments

Min Hua Emily   
Posted: 30 Oct, 2019
As we all know, Cantonese people love to drink morning tea, some for breakfast, some for leisure and recreation, most of the leisure people are retired old people in the neighborhood, they usually come first, leave the latest, from the morning teahouse to open the door can always sit in the morning tea "receipt" . It is a tradition for Cantonese people to go to the teahouse in the morning to drink tea. Whether it is family or friends gathering, they always go to the tea house, soak a pot of tea, and have two snacks. The name is "one for two" and the snack in morning tea. It is also very delicious. I have prepared to eat the roast meat from last night. For the first time in Guangdong, I found that the menu was particularly interesting. I used some special auspicious words to carry the items, and used top, special and to refer to different category prices. Its all good to do with the color menu~ the menu is written like this. Congo New Year, the store is decorated with orchids and rich trees, all of which are symbols of auspicious celebrations. The annual taste of Guangdong is really rich after all. I started to serve. The first time I was crispy and tender, the radish cake was also special. The super delicious red tempura rice rolls are not only fresh and fresh, but also taste good. The outside is soft. The sturdy rice skin, which is crispy tempura fried shrimp, has a luxurious feeling when swallowed. Of course, shrimp dumplings and sizzling three brothers, shrimp dumplings are my favorite, this is also a perfect score!
Posted: 21 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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