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Mr. Lao She once described the autumn of Jinan quite emotionally, but the foreigner is more familiar with the "Winter in Jinan". After all, this is an article included in the Chinese textbook.

Standing on the liberation pavilion, you can enjoy the view of the Black Tiger Spring and enjoy the scenery of Quancheng. Looking south to the lush mountains, it is refreshing and refreshing. Looking down on the lord, the black tiger springs group hidden in the green shades, the extraordinarily demon, the spring water, such as the beautiful song of praise, is refreshing. In the Ming Dynasty, Hu Yuzong wrote in the book "Overspring": "Golden soup is still a thousand miles away, and spring is full of Qizhou flowers." It is today's scene.

The old Jinan who are squatting in the water are familiar with the water and have already become the scenery of this piece.
Posted: 21 Dec, 2018
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Jinan is not called Quancheng. There are many springs, but there are not many names that can be called. In addition to the number one Baotu Spring, the number of Black Tiger Springs is the most famous. Black Tiger Spring is located on the south bank of the Liberation Pavilion on the edge of the Jinan moat. It is also a famous landscape in Jinan. The people who come here every day to get water have become a landscape. Jinan is one of the few cities in the country with a complete moat. The spring water of this city flows into the moat and finally gathers in Daming Lake in the north of the city. The moat water is very clear, and the weeping willow branches and leaves are floating around the river. Jinan Mohe River officially opened on December 29, 2010. It connects the four major spring groups, including Black Tiger Spring, Baotu Spring, Wulongtan and Pearl Spring, to form a new spring water sightseeing landscape belt. The rockery on the shore is layered, and the spring water drops in turn, splashing a piece of water, giving a crisp sound. Citizens who come to Black Tiger Spring to get water every day have become part of the life of the old Jinan people. There are many springs in Jinan that can take water. Black Tiger Spring is the most famous. The moat is 6.9 kilometers long and can be visited by boat. Along the way, you can enjoy the ancient city style through Baotu Spring Park, Wulongtan and Daming Lake and other well-known scenic spots in Jinan. The maximum surge of Black Tiger Spring is about 41,000 cubic meters per day, second only to Baotu Spring, ranking second in Jinan Zhuquan. The water is ejected from the hole through the dark passage from the head of the stone-carving animal with an elevation of 27.88 meters, resembling a waterfall.
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Jinan Daming Lake will be open free of charge from January 1, 2017, and no tickets will be charged. Whenever I hear similar news, I always think of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Daming Lake has a beautiful scenery. It has been a good place to visit since ancient times, and it is also the core scenic spot of the world's first spring scenic spot. The scenic spots in Jinan City are relatively concentrated. From the Baotou Spring in the world's first spring to the north, there is a five-long lake across a road, and then 10 minutes walk north to Daming Lake. Around the lake, there are more than 800 weeping willows around, the soft branches are green, and the water is so beautiful. There are more than forty acres of lotus ponds in the lake, Biye Tiantian, Baihe Honglian, and complement each other. Qing Dynasty calligrapher's iron reservation of the "four-sided lotus three-sided willow, one city and two colors half-city lake" famous sentence, today became the propaganda language of Jinan city landscape, most of which is attributed to Daming Lake. Daming Lake is located in the northern part of the city. On sunny days, you can clearly see the city's tall buildings and Qianfo Mountain in the south of the city. Summer is the best season to visit Daming Lake. Since ancient times, it is a place to escape summer and summer. In the Song Dynasty, Zeng Gong once had a poem: "Where do you want to avoid the steaming of the West, the ten West Lakes look like the eyes." Five years of the Northern Song Dynasty Xining (AD 1072), Zeng Gong Ren Qizhou (now Jinan) Zhizhou. Breeze willow, sparkling, although it is located in the center of the city but there is no depression of high-rise buildings and crowded traffic, this is a rare natural lake.
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