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Do you still remember Xia Yuhe on the shore of Daming Lake? This line of words in the Pearl Princess has made countless people remember the Daming Lake in Jinan. There are elegant pavilions and Xuanyuan, weeping willows, the winds and the rainy weather, and the boating on the lake, there is no interest. About the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong of the Qianlong River passed through Jinan, and after visiting the scenic spots such as Baotu Spring and Qianfo Mountain, he came to the Liting Pavilion on the shore of Daming Lake at noon, and then had the story of Xia Yuhe on the Daming Lake. At the age of one year, the lotus is still Yuting, who remembers Xia Yuhe on the shore of Daming Lake?
Posted: 5 Jan, 2019
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GreenlandPuli Center: The GreenlandPuli Center is located in the triangle of Puli Street, Gongqing Tuan Road and Shunhe Viaduct in the Central District of Jinan City. It was capped in 2013. The total height of the Greenland and Puli Center is 301.00 meters, and the total number of floors is 60 floors. It is the first tallest building in Jinan, mainly used for office buildings and hotels. Greenfield Puli Center is located in the historic commercial gathering area of Jinan City. It is the place where the golden triangles of Puli Street, Gongqingtuan Road and Shunhe Elevated Road are gathered, surrounded by mountains, springs and lakes. Circles, lots, planning, transportation, and people flow are all natural harbors with successful commercial operations, and their geographical advantages are obvious. The total land use for this case is about 59,000 square meters, of which 33,300 square meters can be planned for construction. In order to create a holistic civic life center, the program adopts the first phase and the second phase of the project to carry out the overall planning, and the commercial, leisure and entertainment functions and urban greening are supported by the guidance of the international Yijing experts. Slope parks are interspersed to improve the utilization of urban public space; a new creative concept creates a complex of park-like shopping malls and office buildings for Jinan. If the "Quancheng Road - Puli Street - Jingsi Road" is the first gold street in Jinan, the Puli Center will undoubtedly be the diamond triangle of Jin Street.
Jordy Chow
Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area
The biggest advantage of living in a hotel in the Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area is that you can avoid the peak of tourists and treat the National Forest Park as your own back garden. Enjoy the cleanliness one morning and one night. Unfortunately, we are greedy for the leisure of the hotel. When we went out, the "big army" has already been killed, haha. As an AAAA-level scenic spot and the source of 72 springs in Jinan, Jiuru Mountain is still popular with tourists, so in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, you can also hear the dialects of various tour groups and various styles of audio songs. Learn all the difficult pictures of Pose. This sounds like a joke, but I really don't mean ridicule. Walking a long way, seeing more people, will know more and more peaceful with the world, will try harder to accept different styles of life, will understand that anyone has the right to enjoy the gift of nature. Especially in such a light travel weekend, I feel good and sees everything becomes pleasing to the eye. Therefore, even if we are rubbing our shoulders many times during the tour, we still enjoy the scenery of every step. Although some waterfalls and ponds are artificial masterpieces, as the source of spring water in Jinan, the water system here is real and agile, with 97% vegetation coverage making people feel like they are in the south. 10km long solid wood plank road, between the various attractions, with the characteristics of the mountain and landscape, allowing visitors to move to easy, not boring.
Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area
The mountains are continuous, the peaks are stacked, the canyons are vertical and horizontal, the forests are dense, the springs are all over, the streams are staggered, the waterfalls are clustered, and they fall into deep valleys, which rise into high cliffs. This is Jiuru Mountain. 10km long solid wood plank road, unparalleled in the world. Some are built along the cliffs of the cliffs, like the ladders; some are scattered across the mountains and waterfalls, like rainbows; some are shuttled in the vines, like flying jade belts, this is Jiuru Mountain. The high-hanging waterfall passes through the gorge, cascades and falls, and flows from the Tianchi to the Python Lake. It hangs dozens of places and displays thousands of states. Tianhe flying, silver snow pouring, steam transpiration, in which the mountains and rivers reflect each other, the scenery breeds. Or with imposing manners, shouting and whistling, or in a beautiful, graceful manner. The water moves and moves, sending out the unvoiced sounds outside the strings; the springs are flying and splashing, splashing the beads and jade, which is also like the mountains. Jiuru Mountain is famous for its natural landscapes. The mountains depend on the water potential, and the water is in full swing, holding up a world-class area. From afar, it can be seen that the spring flows into a stream, the stream becomes a waterfall, the waterfall falls into a pool, and the pools are connected to each other. It is called: the canyon has a stream, gathers in Pinghu, the mountain spring drops, and merges into Gaotan. The layers are layered and stored in layers. All year round, no matter whether the weather is cold or hot, the lakes of Jiuru Mountain are always so clear and clean, nourishing the mountains.
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