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Gushansi (Southwest Gate)
Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River and is opposite to Jiangyin City. The terrain in Jingjiang is flat. Only one hill is more than 50 meters above sea level. It has become the highest peak of Jingjiang River and the first place where Jingjiang landed. The hill in Jingjiang is called Gushan. It was originally an isolated island in the sea. It landed about 7000-2.5 million years ago, with an elevation of only 55.6 meters. There is a Gushan Temple on the mountain. The most famous of the Lonely Mountain is the temple fair on March 3rd of the lunar calendar. The Lonely Mountain Temple Fair is one of the most grand temple fairs in Taizhou. It has been circulating for hundreds of years and is usually held for three days. The scene is very lively. The Gushan Temple Fair is the first batch of non-legacy projects in Jingjiang. During the period of the Lonely Mountain Temple Fair, the incense of the Gushan Temple was even stronger, and the tourists of the mountaineering were in constant stream. According to records, Gushan Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, earlier than Jingjiang County, but it has been destroyed in history. The Gushan Temple is now rebuilt in 1993. Climbing along the steps, the temples are stacked on top of the mountain. The temple is also a good place to enjoy the scenery. Under the mountain is a large farmland and scattered houses. Jingjiang folks have a proverb called "March 3, Shang Gushan." The Lonely Mountain Temple Fair attracts the good men and women from Jingjiang and the surrounding Taixing and Rugao. Visiting the temple fair, in addition to going to the Gushan Temple to enter the incense, of course, also to go to the market.
Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River, opposite Jiangyin City. Jingjiang is at the intersection of Jianghuai culture and Wu culture, creating a unique culture and cuisine here. Tin operas have been circulating in Jingjiang for a long time, and now there are many Xi opera performances in rural areas. The performances of the Xin drama are arranged in the evening. After eating at about 7 o'clock, it is still very popular in Jingjiang countryside. The troupe of the Xi opera was also very dedicated, and it was already two or three hours before the performance. Makeup will take more time, each person's dress is different, and there are several costumes in the middle. These actors are from professional troupes. I thought that the life in rural areas has been rich and colorful, and there are not many people watching the opera. However, after arriving at the scene, they found that they were all full and the traditional culture was deeply rooted. The stage is in the square in the village. There are hundreds of people sitting under the stage. They are all family members, and they think of the scene of watching open-air movies when they were young. The vocals and dialogues of the xi opera are not easy to understand. Fortunately, there are subtitles on both sides, and you can hear the approximate meaning. For the actors, such performances have long been familiar. The audience under the stage is fascinated. A scene is about two hours of singing. The cultural life in the countryside is also rich and colorful. Next to the stage is a huge band, under the leadership of the conductor, a perfect interpretation of a piece of music.
The gourmet documentary "China on the Tip of the Tongue" has won a lot of food, among which Jiangsu Jingjiang's Crab Soup is one of the beneficiaries. Because of the "tip of the tongue" and know the Jingjiang soup bag, I went to this small town to find out. To say that Jingjiang's crab yellow soup bag is the most famous, the first Nanyuan Hotel. Here, we insist on making soup bags with traditional techniques. In order to ensure the quality does not open branches, diners gather. According to Tao Master of Tangbao Store, it is still a very hard job to make soup bags. Every day, it is dark and greedy. Because of the complicated craftsmanship of handmade soup, ordinary apprentices can complete the soup making in three or four years. It is also the trouble that Master Tao is distressed. It has not been recruited by the new apprentice for three years. A standard Jingjiang soup bag is about 3 weights and needs 30 pleats. Because there is too much juice in the soup bag, the skin is very easy to break, and the pleats can play a buffering role. Jingjiang's crab yellow soup package price is almost the same for every store. The ordinary soup bag is about 20 yuan. Nanyuan Hotel also innovatively introduces the fried soup bag. After the soup bag is steamed, it is fried on the pan. The ordinary soup bag is different, and the price is much higher, 42 yuan. The soup in the soup comes from the rind of meat, which is wrapped in buns when the rind is frozen. When it is steamed, the rind becomes a broth.
The well-known Taizhou Jingjiang Crab Yellow Soup Bag, once appeared on the "China on the tip of the tongue", is known for its thin skin, juicy feet and delicious taste. It is said to have a history of more than 200 years. When you eat, you first bite a small mouth, suck the soup, then eat the skin and stuffing, you can clearly see the large pieces of crab yellow and crab meat inside the stuffing, very delicious. The production process of crab yellow soup bag is also quite complicated. More than ten staff members, from the kneading flour and suede to the soup bag, are required to be skilled in every step. Only the master with skilled operation skills can be competent. In order to ensure that the soup is steamed, it will not be intact until it is delivered to the entrance. Jingjiang has a lot of restaurants selling crab yellow soup bags, but the locals only admire the "Southern Edge Soup Bag" of Nanyuan Hotel. In the same year, "China on the tip of the tongue" was recorded in this store. The crab-yellow soup of the South Edge is snow-white and crystal-clear, and the folds on the top are fine and even. The whole is just like a full and round, tightly wrapped, and contains a jade flower. The skin is as thin as paper, almost transparent, slightly moving. You can see that the soup inside is shaking gently, which makes people feel the softness of blowing. Southern edge in addition to crab yellow soup bag, there are other crab meat crab yellow dishes, are also worth a try.
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