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Gouqi IslandNearby City

Gouqi Island

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Ranked #20 in Zhoushan Can't Miss Attractions
"Shanghai departure to Sapporo Island for two-day holidays is enough: 1. Get off the boat and stay near the Dawang Beach. Now the reason for the epidemic and the fireworks typhoon, Dawang Beach is not open, there is no fast boat, it is recommended not to come in the near future: 2, put down your luggage, take a taxi to the unmanned village of Lushan Island (half price of 50 senior students), no one village down to take a boat to Lushan Hotel (boat ticket 50), Take a taxi to the East Cliff cliff of Lushan (Ticket 50), take a taxi back to Ludao Mountain Haiqi to watch the sunset; 3, in the evening, the king of the beach around the pocket + seafood block; 4. The next morning, the weather is good to go to the East Cliff cliff to see the sunrise (5:20), it's OK to not get up, went yesterday, back to Shanghai. Transportation: Shanghai departure from the city can take the bus to Shenjiawan, or you can drive to Shenjiawan by yourself. Private cars can not take the car boat to Sapporo Island. During the epidemic, only slow boats can be used. The Nanpu Bridge will depart at 7:30 in the morning, and the Shenjiawan will depart at 9:30, and the boat will arrive at Sapporo Island at around 1:20 in the afternoon. There is a bridge between Ludao and Lushan Island. Taxi do not watch, no matter where to go 30~60 yuan; accommodation: is more expensive, like the sea view inn of Dawang Beach, which I booked online the day before yesterday, I estimate within 400. Last night, I stayed at the Lushan Hotel more than 600 online, the taxi driver took me to book 380; Catering: all the same, the tiger fish is delicious, the shuttle crab is relatively fresh, per capita is in the early 100s; Shopping: dried salmon fish slices and so on."