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About Jingmen

Jingmen is situated in central Hubei province. The city has a rich history and numerous historical attractions including the Ming dynasty Xianling Tomb, ancient Han dynasty tombs, and Neolithic remains from the Qujialing culture. Several famous figures were born here including the writer Song Yu and the legendary singer Mo Chounü from the Warring States era. There also a number of scenic attractions including Dahongshan Scenic Area, famous for the spectacular Huangxian Cave.

Popular Attractions in Jingmen

Meiren (Beautiful Person) Valley
680 Reviews
Jingmen Lülin (Green Woods) Meiren Valley Scenic Spot is located within the Wanfu River Gorge, southeast of the Lülin Scenic Area. It is a leisurely, canyon-type ecological tourist area, dominated by water and stone landscapes. The scenery here is similar to Sichuan's Jiuzhaigou and it is known as “Hubei's New Jiuzhai.” The mountains and rivers intertwine with each other, creating gorgeous scenery. At the bottom of the valley, many strange and interesting rocks can be found. The Lülin Meiren Pool is also known as the Bottomless Pool and the Roaring Water Pool. It is located in a gorge, which the Chonghe River flows through. There are cliffs to either side of the gorge and three deep pools just below the mouth of the gorge. The water flows from the first pool into the second and then the third. There are numerous small waterfalls that cascade down the rocks, along with an enormous red stone below the waterfall.
Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty
428 Reviews
Built in the 14th year during the reign of Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty, Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty is composed of large architectural complexes surrounded by mountains and water. Its layout and architecture are unique with a golden flask-shaped outer wall. The nine-bend imperial river and dragon scale road winding among the Mausoleum buildings are rare in Ming tombs. Two mysterious dumbbell-shaped underground palaces connected by towers have been hailed as a wonder — a masterpiece combining architectural art and environmental aesthetics.
Zhanghe Scenic Area
282 Reviews
The Zhanghe Scenic Area is in the central part of Hubei Province, at the junction of Jingmen, Yichang and Xiangyang. It is in the center of the battlefield of the ancient Three Kingdoms and the golden hinterland of the tourist hot route of Zhangjiajie, Gulongzhong and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The scenic spot is beautiful, with pure and natural water. It is a natural combination of engineering, human development, nature and ecology. The beach sand is pure and delicate. With a gentle and vast beach slope, a calm lake and clear blue water, it is a good place for a vacation of leisure.
Huangxian (Yellow Fairy) Cave
326 Reviews
Huangxian Cave is located in the southern part of the Dahong Mountain Range. The cave gets its name because, according to legend, Huang Shigong once rested here. On the right side of the cave stands a great hall with a stone pool, which was created by a naturally formed dam of calcified rock. The pool, dam, stalactite said to resemble General Shi Yong from the Water Margin and a three-arched cavern are some of the wondrous sights within. Many magnificent and glorious scenes lay inside the cave, with evocative and imaginative names like Strong Cave Mouth, Jigong Prays, the Whisper, Panda and Butterfly, Yellow Fairy Promenade, Fairy Path, the First Night, Harmoniously Together, Nezha's Birth, the Golden Shower and a Fairy's Lost Dress.

Jingmen Weather

9 Jul, 2020
23 °
10 Jul, 2020
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11 Jul, 2020
Heavy Rain
12 Jul, 2020
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Trip Moments

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