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Jiulongkou Scenic Area

Jiulongkou Scenic AreaNearby City

4.2/5118 Reviews
Boat Tour
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
The Jiulongkou Scenic Area is located in Jianhu County, the abdomen of Sheyang Lake. There are a lot of waterfowl game, which is rich in fish, shrimps and crabs. Therefore, it has the reputation of “Golden Beach Silver Swing” and is a natural “treasure bowl”. The nine Milky Ways flow from different directions. If you are boating on the water, you can see many birds flying together, and the water in the lake is crystal clear. These scenes are very refreshing and enjoyable.
Qin Lake National Wetland Park

Qin Lake National Wetland ParkNearby City

4.5/53,437 Reviews
Boat Tour
Located in the northeastern outskirts of Taizhou City, the Qin Lake National Wetland Park contains a large lake and is traversed by a river, with reeds and other water plants covering the Park. You can take a walk on the boardwalk or a boat ride along the winding river. You can enjoy the loveliest wetland scenery as the sun sets in the west. In the park you can even see animals like the semi-aquatic Père David's deer (milu) and waterfowl. According to ancient legend, this area is the ancient homeland of the Père David's deer.
Imperial Marina

Imperial MarinaNearby City

4.2/595 Reviews
Historical Site
Boat Tour
Tiansheng Bridge  Scenic Spot

Tiansheng Bridge Scenic SpotNearby City

4.4/5406 Reviews
Boat Tour
8:00-17:00 (Local time)
Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Spot is located in Luzhi River Park in Lishui County, Nanjing. Tianshengqiao is a natural stone bridge that passes over vibrant green waters and is one of 48 impressive sights in the area. Visitors can enjoy the natural landscape of Three Little Gorges, enjoy locally grown food and visit specialty shops. Local delicacies like royal cake, bamboo shoots and green plums are all great choices.
Baimajian Longchi Scenic Area

Baimajian Longchi Scenic AreaNearby City

4.6/52,327 Reviews
Boat Tour
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
White Horse Dragon Pond Scenic Area is located on the north side of Suzhou Tianping Mountain. It is a good place for leisure. At the foot of the mountain, you can barbecue and row boats. There is also a children's playground. Trees line both sides of the trail, so it is very suitable for hiking. Among them, Longchi, also known as Shengtian Reservoir, is situated in the southern section of the scenic spot. The lake is clear and free. You can walk along the lake path or sit by the lake to enjoy tea.
Suzhou Ancient Canal

Suzhou Ancient CanalNearby City

4.6/53,091 Reviews
Boat Tour
18:30-20:00 (shipping time), ticket collection time: 10:00-19:30 (Xinshiqiao Wharf); 12:30-18:30 (Baijuyi Wharf) (Local time)
The ancient city of Suzhou has become a paradise for thousands of merchants due to the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. Today, nearly half of Suzhou's freight volume is still borne via waterways, adding a unique view to the Suzhou Ancient Canal. At this place, you can enjoy the scenery by taking a walk along the Suzhou Ancient Canal or taking a boat trip. The night view seen from the boat is very beautiful. The exquisite lighting is very compatible with the ancient city's architecture. It is intoxicating and makes you fully appreciate the gentleness and exquisiteness of the ancient city of Suzhou. The night cruise also offers a music performance on the boat and a guided explanation along the way. While sightseeing, you can enjoy the historical references to Suzhou and experience the city's profound cultural significance.
Chaohu Lake

Chaohu LakeNearby City

4.4/5255 Reviews
Boat Tour
Located in the heart of Anhui Province, Chaohu Lake is one of the five freshwater lakes in China. It covers the four counties and one city, namely Lujiang County, Feidong County, Feixi County, Hefei County and Chaohu City. Chaohu’s waters meld seamlessly with the sky, a sight so vast they melt into each other. There is a temple in the middle of the lake. An island sits opposite to the temple, and appears to be an old woman looking at her son while supporting her chin with her hand. Thus, it is called Laoshan (Grandma Hill). Laoshan is an outstanding lake island in Chaohu Lake. The scenery here is tranquil and beautiful, consisting of Wenfeng Pagoda, three pavilions, six mountains and nine peaks on the island.
Yangcheng Lake Lotus Island

Yangcheng Lake Lotus IslandNearby City

4.3/5399 Reviews
Boat Tour
9:00-16:00 (Local time)
The Yangchen Lake Lotus Island can be found in the middle of Yangcheng Lake. The island gets its name due to being shaped like a lotus flower. On the island you will be able to find an abundance of famous crab restaurants that are known to serve up some delicious food. The specialty crabs that are served are the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. On the west side of Lotus Island you find another beautiful side of the peninsula. On the North side of the peninsula you will be able to find Yangcheng lake Town. Across the lake from the North side of the peninsula is where the Lotus Island is. You should enjoy the scenery of the island as well as the magnificent lake views. This is definitely going to be a great experience if you are able to enjoy it.
Reed Maze

Reed MazeNearby City

4.4/593 Reviews
Boat Tour
8:00-16:30 (Local time)
The Reed Maze is the core of the entire scenic spot of Shajiabang. The lake is vast and the lake is full of reeds. During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the wounded and sick of the New Fourth Army took advantage of the natural advantages of the lush reeds and cleverly coordinated with the enemy to win the battle. The Reed Maze is divided into a water maze and a labyrinth on the road. The criss-crossing river port and lush reeds form a vast, tortuous water surface or land reed space, forming a labyrinth.
Taohua Island Customs Park

Taohua Island Customs ParkNearby City

3.5/598 Reviews
Boat Tour
Taohua Island Customs Park is a park near Rizhao City stretching along about a kilometer of shoreline. The area is full of interestingly shaped stones and beautiful seaside scenery. The blue waves of the ocean surge and there is a rich variety of wonders to see. Alongside man-made features, such as the pier and pavilion, there are natural landscape features that include Spiritwater Spring and fantastical wind- and water-worn boulders with names like the Sacrificial Table and Incense Burner Stone. Sightseeing boat trips, bonfire parties, deep-sea fishing, and rod and reel fishing are among the most popular and beloved activities found here. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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