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Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort

Slender West Lake Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.7/51,422 Reviews
Hot Spring
Slender West Lake Hot Springs: 12:00-23:00 (Monday-Friday); 10:00-23:00 (Saturday-Sunday); Boxin Garden Business Hours: 10:00-20:00 (Local time)
Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort is located on the banks of Slender West Lake and has natural hot springs. There are many small hot spring pools in the resort, each of which can accommodate 5-6 people. The hot spring pools all have a garden-style design and are suitable for both families and couples. There is also a lounge area with sofa chairs, billiards and other facilities, as well as drinks and fruit.
Swan Bay Meicheng Hot Spring Hotel

Swan Bay Meicheng Hot Spring HotelNearby City

4.5/540 Reviews
Hot Spring
13:00-23:00 (Local time)
The Swan Bay Meicheng Hot Spring Hotel has a number of pools with different functions such as an indoor spa pool and a fish treatment pool. It is equipped with leisure facilities such as a pedicure room, a chess room and a light meal. There are five-line health area, dynamic spa area, flower and grass area, couple area, slate bath area and other areas in the open-air hot spring area. There are hot spring pools and special hot spring spa houses of different sizes.
Hongze Laozishan Hot Spring Village

Hongze Laozishan Hot Spring VillageNearby City

4.4/588 Reviews
Hot Spring
12:00-23:00 (Local time)
Laozishan Hot Spring is located in Hubin Road, Laozishan Town, Hongze County, Huai'an City. The spring water is excellent and unique. The mountain village makes full use of rare natural resources and opens up a new hot spring. It is an indoor hot spring on a large scale, and there are leisure projects such as fish therapy, a volcanic mud bath, and a children's bath. Large and small pools and a beautiful and quiet environment make it very suitable for young and old visitors.
Baroco Eco Valley

Baroco Eco ValleyNearby City

4.1/5584 Reviews
08:00-17:00 (Local time)
Baroco Eco Valley is located in Zhuzhenzhen. It is an agricultural compound combining tourism, recreation&entertainment, and ecological food production. The whole Valley is divided into three main zones and public infrastructure: a vineyard production park for modern tourism and sightseeing, a ranch and cattle raising technology industry park suited for contemporary urban regions, and an industrial park offering modern agricultural experience. The vineyard produces mostly edible grapes, and a small part produces wine grapes. These grapes are of different colors, shapes, and provides flavors of varying characteristics.
Tangshan No.1 Hot Spring Resort

Tangshan No.1 Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.5/52,150 Reviews
Hot Spring
Monday-Friday 9:00-23:00, Saturday and Sunday 8:30-23:00. (Local time)
Tangshan Premier Hot Spring Resort is located in the hot spring resort area in the Nanjing Military Region of Tangshan. It consists of an open-air hot spring area, a villa area, a dining and entertainment area, and a conference area, making up a total of six districts. There are a total of more than 50 open-air hot spring pools, four springs, and the water temperature remains 65 degrees Celsius all year round. The interior of the hot spring is particularly stylish, and there is an open-air hot spring pool outside. There are many types and the water quality is very good.
Hongze Lake Open-Air Hot Spring

Hongze Lake Open-Air Hot SpringNearby City

4.3/523 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hongze Lake Open-Air Hot Spring is located on the banks of Hongze Lake, rich in hot spring resources with a large amount of water. The hot spring is divided into swimming areas, a ShiQuan area, a flower and grass pool area, a geothermal corridor area, and so on. While soaking in the hot springs, you can also enjoy the scenery of Hongze Lake. It is an integration of hot spring baths, accommodation, food, meetings, entertainment, and ecological tourism.
Tangshan Ziqing Lake Tourist Area

Tangshan Ziqing Lake Tourist AreaNearby City

4.7/51,838 Reviews
Hot Spring
10:00-24:00 (Local time)
Designed by world-renowned hot spring architects, The Tangshan Ziqing Lake Tourist Area is an elaborate masterpiece, making the hot springs a special attraction. Shrouded in mist and massaged by bubble water, bathing in these springs is like being in paradise. The experience blends Southeast Asian and Northeast Asian hot spring culture.
No. 1 Laozi Mountain Hot Spring

No. 1 Laozi Mountain Hot SpringNearby City

4.3/528 Reviews
Hot Spring
No. 1 Laozi Mountain Hot Spring is focused on Taoist lifestyle culture and hot spring spa culture. The water out of this hot spring could be directly used without processing. It's a superior health hot spring in the Eastern China region, and comes with large scale hot spring health spa center, comprised of an inner and an outer part. The open-air spa has various types of hot-spring bubble pools, capable of accommodating thousands at the same time, including an energy zone, fragrance zone, tea and alcohol zone, etc. The design of the hotel exhibits a good combination of classic Jiangnan architecture and modern decoration.
Hongze Lake Wetland and Hot Spring Resort

Hongze Lake Wetland and Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.4/558 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hongze Lake Wetland and Hot Spring Resort is seated in Linhuai Town, Sihong country, next to National Hongze Lake Wetland Park. It is a 4A-level scenic spot nestled in the dawn redwood forest. The resort consists of four areas; the Wetland Forest Spa, the Villa Resort, the Tourist Reception Center and the New Silk Road Five-Star Holiday Hotel. The resort boasts complete service facilities, making it the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.
Tianle Lake Hot Spring

Tianle Lake Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/591 Reviews
Hot Spring
13:00-23:00 (Local time)
Tianle Lake Hot Spring belongs to the geological heritage type nature reserve. It is located in Maji Exit of Yuetang Town, the western suburb of Yangzhou, and is located in Xieji Township, Yizheng City. In 1991, it discovered that there are abundant mineral water resources in the underground, which is a natural hot spring in East China. The Hot Spring Health Club is one of the core leisure projects of Tianle Lake. There are two hot spring areas, indoor and outdoor. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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