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About Kaiping

Kaiping is situated in south-central Guangdong near the city of Jiangmen in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta region. Many overseas Chinese originate from here. The town is famous for its multi-story watchtowers known as Diaolou, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the surrounding villages. Other popular attractions include Li Garden, Chikan European Style Street, Nan Lou Memorial Park, and Kongque Lake.

Popular Attractions in Kaiping

Kaiping Diaolou
1,051 Reviews
Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
The Kaiping Diaolou is a series of small fortresses and defensive towers located throughout Jiangmen's Kaiping. This is the famous hometown of countless overseas Chinese scattered around the world. Mixing Chinese and western architectural styles, these towers are distributed across the landscape. Many of them can be entered and some can even be climbed. This is a very worthwhile place to visit. Numerous scenes from the movie "Let the Bullets Fly" were filmed here. Three of the primary attractions in the area include the Li Garden, the Majianglong Ancient Village and Zili Village. The Li Garden is a garden villa, which was built early in the 20th century while Majianglong Ancient Village and Zili Village are two of the primary locations to see Diaolou fortresses.
501 Reviews
 Located in Beiyi Township, Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, Liyuan is a private garden built by Mr. Xie Weili, a Chinese overseas Chinese who spent 10 years abroad, and the garden was established in 1936. This garden combines traditional gardens, Lingnan Water Village and Western architectural styles to create a changing sense of space rhythm. The park is divided into three parts: large gardens, small gardens and villa areas. Each is made up of artificial rivers, bridge pavilions and corridors. Auxiliary landscape connections form a unique landscape with gardens and terrain.
Chikan Ancient Town
241 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Chikan Ancient Town is an old town with a long history. It is named after the "terra cotta plateau". Surrounded by rivers and surrounded by ancient trees, chikan town has hardly changed its architectural style and folk style for hundreds of years. The arcade building is built on water, showing a unique scene of the hometown of overseas Chinese.Since most of them have not been fixed by future generations, they have imprinted the vicissitudes of history and created the original ecological charm.
Watchtower Group of Zili Village
407 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Zili Village is located in Tangkou Town, and is famous for its vast flower fields and sacred buildings throughout the rapeseed. Zili Village takes the meaning of “self-sufficiency”, the village has beautiful scenery and has many beautiful buildings with unique styles. It is a beautiful and simple style. It is worth mentioning that this is the main location for the "Bullet Flying" which sets the record for domestic movie box office.

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Trip Moments

Kaiping Diaolou is a special type of Chinese native architecture. It is a multi-storey tower-like building integrating defense, residence and Chinese and Western architectural art. It is characterized by the combination of Chinese and Western dwellings, with ancient Greek, Roman and Islamic styles. . It is located in Kaiping City, under the jurisdiction of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, 80 kilometers from Jiangmen City and 90 kilometers from Gudou Hot Spring. Kaiping's towers are scattered all over the area, and we decided to go to the self-supporting village of World Cultural Heritage in the first stop. The most famous is the filming of the "Let the Bullets Fly", and we will go in for a while. You can now see a very typical watchtower. As the name suggests, "carving" refers to buildings used for military defense, and "floor" refers to houses with more than two floors. The tower is obviously a kind of solid building that combines the military defense function of the "carving" with the architectural form of the "building". The Diaolou Building was mainly built in the early 20th century. Due to floods, floods and other disasters, the Kaiping overseas Chinese funded the construction of 15 towers. The slabs are made of reinforced concrete or concrete-clad bricks. The floors are equipped with iron gates, iron windows and muzzles. Inside, they store guns, gongs, searchlights and grain. Once the bandits are invaded, the villagers will hide in easy-to-reach. In the tower, compete with it and keep one party safe. There are more than 3,000 seats in , and there are still 1,833 in existence. Today's Diaolou Village has not only attracted tourists from all over the world, but also became a popular location for filming movies.
Posted: 6 Dec, 2018
Choosing to stay at the Phoenix Hotel in Kaiping Country Garden, Kaiping, Guangdong, in addition to the beautiful impression left by the Country Garden Hotel, there is also a reason that it is close to all major attractions. Especially like the atmosphere of the hotel. The magnificent Sistine arcade and the sleek landscape gardens make the hotel one of the main characters in the painting. Walk in the back garden, a green, long-distance, European-style hotel building is majestic yet elegant. Opposite the hotel is the villa group of Country Garden, the elegant European-style villas are scattered along the valley, looking far away, especially beautiful! Small sculptures can be seen everywhere in the back garden, reminiscent of the classic works of European sculpture capital. The lobby of the hotel is based on the golden system, silently interpreting the understated luxury! The hotel will decorate the lobby with different festivals and hold corresponding events. Check in is the garden view bed room. When you open the room door, you will see the welcome words on the floor. The words are surrounded by a circle of flower petals, which is both romantic and warm. Warm feelings! The room is spacious and bright, and the decor is simple and romantic. The pool is one of the hotel's standard landscapes, with a full view of the pool from the balcony of the room. The hotel has a conversion socket for passengers. The socket is divided into two holes and three holes to facilitate the simultaneous supply of multiple electronic devices. There are three USB sockets on the conversion socket. It is worthy of praise that the data cable is also carefully prepared, which is divided into three to meet the needs of mobile phone users of different standards.
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