Koh Kood
Ko Kut District
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Things To Do in Koh Kood

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Outdoor diving
Water Sports
pxy0705The sea around Kogu Island is very clear, and there are many shallows, and there are abundant coral resources under the sea. It is naturally an ideal place for beginners to dive. You only need a boat and some simple snorkeling equipment to see the beautiful underwater world. It is really worth coming to experience it.
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pxy0705This is a freshwater waterfall on Koh Kood. The waterfall is deep in the dense forest. The water volume is not particularly large, but it is a wonder to have such a natural freshwater waterfall in the sea. The area through which the waterfall flows is a wide creek, where everyone can enjoy playing and fishing, full of wild fun.
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pxy0705This is a famous scenic spot on Koh Kood. There is a towering tree here. It is said to have a history of more than 2,000 years and requires 12 people to hug it together. The tree is really very tall, looking up from the bottom. There are about 20 stories high, and the branches and leaves are very lush. It is indeed a great sight on Kood Island.
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136***27Bangbao Fishing Village is entered by a small road next to the main road. It is not very conspicuous. It is more expensive, especially seafood. It is similar to the attractions of Pattaya in Bangkok. It is like Wangfujing in Beijing. It is specially prepared for tourists.
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น้ำอิงYou are a small drop. It's not far from the entrance to the water. You can walk comfortably, when it comes to the rain, you must walk through the stone cliff to the middle point where it can take the water. If you go before the rain, you must be careful about the slide, because there are so many islands of smoke.
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น้ำอิงStay on the cliff, the Safari island in the middle of the sea, where life has to be visited once.

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