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Koh Samui,localdelicacies
Visit the local market and make authentic Thai food Samui's cuisine famous for its internationalization. Whether it is Thai, Chinese or Korean, you can see it here. The most affordable food in Koh Samui is undoubtedly Thai food. When you arrive in Thailand, it is a pity that you don't cook a Thai food yourself. You can order a cooking class at the local area and learn authentic Thai cuisine with Thai chefs. The local Hua Thanon Wet Market in Koh Samui is a great place to buy ingredients. This is a market where locals often visit, and may not be found in any of the Raiders. It is estimated that there are no tourists. Because of its niche, it has achieved its characteristics. Here is a Muslim seafood market, the market is not big, but it is also available. Pretend to be like a locals, there are many seafood here, there are local fish in Samui, and many interesting things are found, such as mini eggplant, mini tomatoes, even garlic is also mini, should be mainly It is convenient to do all kinds of Thai soup here. After buying the ingredients, the chef took the purchased items to the kitchen for easy cleaning. Everyone has a chef responsible for the guidance. The Thai-style green papaya salad is simple, but the Thai food is especially focused. Seasoning, each dish has a lot of accessories. Peppers, garlic, various green leaves, Thai spices are really very rich. Whether the food is delicious or not, this experience is unforgettable. Walk around the local market and make an authentic Thai meal with your own hands. It is also a memorable and memorable memory.
Koh Samui,localdelicacies
Feel the human fireworks in Koh Samui - Chaweng Night Market went to so many places in the world, no matter where I am, I firmly believe that the night market is the most prosperous place in the city. The dazzling food, the hawkers who screamed and sold, all made me feel the purest local culture. As a gourmet country, Thailand's night market is also a must. and Chaweng Night Market, one of the best night markets in Koh Samui, gave me a big surprise. Here you can finally feel the bustling town of the seaside town, the unique roadside shops and a variety of restaurants, from time to time the fragrance of seafood and curry, neon lights, most Western tourists Riding a rented motorcycle through the night market. They stopped at a stall, ordered a glass of juice, and came to a few authentic Thai dishes. They talked about the land and they didn't want to leave for a long time. The night is deep, and people's enthusiasm for food is undiminished. A rush of diners has come to the fore, adding a lot of lively atmosphere to the night. The most important thing in the night market is of course eating and eating. There are many things to eat here, and it is cheap. A bunch of large chicken skewers is only 20b, as well as chicken hearts and skewers. The roast chicken legs are also delicious, 50b one, very fragrant. All the way to eat all the way, the stomach has long been unable to withstand, but always want to see what has been eaten before the new things. The ice cream in the night market can't be missed, not only on-site production, but also the ingredients you like. It feels like a private custom, only 79 baht. The night market can also buy a variety of Thai spices, such as saffron, and many leaves that can't be named, can be bought back to make a Thai Tom Yum Kung soup, fresh and delicious. Chawen Night Market is really a treasure, good quality and cheap, and even privately hope that it can be opened from early to late.
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