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The price of a budget hotel, five-star enjoyment evening arrive at Kunshan Yueyuan Garden Hotel, the design of the hotel is designed by Li Zuyuan Architects of Taipei 101 Building, which is of quality and quality. The warm light in the lobby and the smiling service staff are really a feeling of being at home. The business room has a spacious area of 60 square meters. In the evening, the hotel's guest room has been thoughtfully equipped with a turndown service and a welcome fruit and night snack on the table. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Kunshan, with a gorgeous night view of downtown Kunshan. The rooms are all equipped with latex mattresses, smart audio-visual systems, smart toilets... It's hard to imagine that hotels with a range of 500-600 per night can only accommodate a slightly better room type in a budget hotel in Shanghai, but enjoy it in Kunshan. Hardware to software full five-star stopover experience. Because there are many Japanese and Taiwanese people in Kunshan, there are also special authentic Japanese and Teppanyaki restaurants in the hotel. The ingredients are strictly selected, the price is very reasonable, and the local office workers like it. In addition, the hotel's entertainment facilities are also available, 25-degree heated professional swimming pool, large-scale gymnasium, and even the Japanese god black stone rock bath that most people have never heard of; can let the guests relax and return to the health source .
Shirley Zhu
Jinxi Ancient Town
[Suzhou] Free tour of the ancient town, the original night of Jinxi is more poetry Jinxi is where Jinxi ancient town is located in the suburbs of Kunshan, Dianshan Lake, is a two thousand years The historic town of Jiangnan Water Town is known as the hometown of Chinese folk museums. Although the ancient town is not as hot as the surrounding Nanxun and Tongli, it is quite classic. There are still many cultural landscapes, historic sites and countless buildings with unique Ming and Qing characteristics in the small water village. The famous Tongshen Royal Court and the Lotus Pond are among them. Most of the Jinxi ancient towns that were seen on the Internet before are the scenery of the day. This night, the lonely candlesticks of the solitary lights should not be seen by many people. At the end of the day, the arrival of the day, Jinxi at night is the most primitive life here. The most characteristic of the ancient town through a small fence, and then walk through a small square, came to the most distinctive ancient lotus long dike. This ancient lotus long embankment that connects the ancient lotus bridge with the dam is the only one of the many ancient towns in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Even in the dim light, you can faintly see the ancient bridge lanterns reflected in the water, and the emerald leaves and the pink lotus flowers in the lake are in harmony with each other. It has a unique charm and forms a unique landscape. The ancient town at night is free days in the ancient town with tickets. However, it is not the ancient town itself that charges, but the historic landmarks located in the ancient towns that require a fee. But late night visits, all the attractions are closed, naturally no need for tickets. Therefore, coming to Jinxi at night is not for the ancient sites that have an important position in the history of the river, but for the ancient streets where the winding path leads to the winding road. Summer night is more cool Walk in the alleys of the lake and the river and the small river, the surrounding buildings are full of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The quaint long trails have long since lost the shackles of the city. When walking through the small shops that closed the doors and windows with wooden boards, there is a historical sense of shuttle. It is also appropriate to use antiques to describe them. The cool night is perfect for a leisurely stroll in this ancient town. It is very pleasant to stop and go. Walking through the mossy bluestone road, the footsteps of the empty ancient streets are leisurely. In a corner, walk up an arched stone bridge and look at the long riversides on both sides. They are all built on the waters of the waters. The tall white walls are accompanied by gray lines and the roof. The black tiles of the corners are paired together and are elegant and chic. The picture in front of me is really the same as the Jiangnan water town I saw before. Well, it is Jiangnan I imagined! is different from the old people in the old days. Now there are restaurants and teahouses on both sides of the Jinxi River. From time to time, you can see the excitement of selling the wine and asking for the sky, and sometimes you can see the Zen poetry. Be gentle. Different from other places, Jinxi gave me not only the small bridges and the old trees, but more of the inner impetuous to calm and calm. It is rare to encounter such a slow-paced fairyland in such a fast-paced society. Perhaps this is the unique charm of Jiangnan Ancient Town.
KunshanTravel Station Future City / / / The pyramid building is perfect for taking ins wind sci-fi blockbusters! This time brought two shots: 16-35 f2.8 and 24-70 f2.8 (the last regret is that there is no drone) Address: 258 Greenland Avenue, Kunshan City most Good shooting position: There are three roofs on the 12th floor of Building B in Zone B 12th floor: the first roof is the innermost (I gave up this position), the second roof is the middle position, the first The three roofs are on the outermost. The photos below were taken on the second and third roofs. Fig. 2: The above picture was taken on the third roof with 16-35, which was pulled to the super wide effect. The next one is that I am standing on the third roof, and the photographer is standing on the second roof with 24-70. Fig. 123: These three pictures were taken on the third roof, because the outermost background is unobstructed, and the bottom is empty, so the fear is not easy to imitate, and it is necessary to pay attention to safety! Fig. 456: These three pictures were taken on the second roof. The position is relatively correct so that the shape of the pyramid can be taken, so this position is also the most popular. There is a chair photographer who can stand above the top. About the hue: I tried several different shades later, and my heart is biased towards high cold tone debugging. Because the exterior wall of the pyramid house is yellow, the dark parts of the design are slightly messy, so the overall saturation of the hue is reduced. The light color and high cold color may be more in line with my thoughts on this group of films.
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