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Historical Site
The Colosseum may be the most famous landmark in all of Rome. It was built in 80 AD and was once the site of many gladiator battles to the death, and prisoners fended off hungry lions. The Colosseum consists of four floors in total (including the basement), however only part of the ground floor and second floor are currently open to the public. The first floor offers a view of the maze-like buildings in the center of the Colosseum that were once part of the basement of the structure. They were once the homes of the beasts and gladiators that would be made to fight for the entertainment of the crowds. From the second floor, one can see the interior structure of the Colosseum which is divided into three parts: the arena, the auditorium and the podium. It is also a perfect location for taking unforgettable photos.
Trevi Fountain
1,160 Reviews
Trevi Fountain is also called the "Maiden's Fountain". Actually, most people prefer to call it the "Wishing Well". It is one of the most exquisitely carved works of art in Rome, and a must-see for all visitors. The image of the seahorse in the fountain sculpture is vivid. It's violent expression symbolizes the vagaries of the ocean, and the fantasy of fate. People come here and use their left hands to throw coins over their right shoulders. This is done to show you will return to Rome and find romance. Whether this superstition is true or not, the coin throwing has already become inextricably linked with the fountain. Everyone loves to take pictures of themselves making a wish.
Piazza di Spagna
1,125 Reviews
The Piazza di Spagna was made famous in the classic movie "Roman Holiday," starring Audrey Hepburn. The plaza is actually not all that large. Most visitors tend to congregate on the plaza steps. If you continue to walk up the steps, you can see the Holy Trinity Church. The church belltower is typical of its gothic design. Stand on the platform in front of the church, and you'll get a view of the entire plaza. In addition, the baroque fountain below the steps - the boat fountain is also very famous.
The Pantheon
995 Reviews
Historical Site
Located in the heart of Rome, the Pantheon is a well-preserved imperial Roman building in the city. Michelangelo admiringly referred to it as “the design of the angels”. The Pantheon has over 2000 years of history and was once used to worship the Gods on Mt. Olympus. Famous historical figures, including Raphael and Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos, have slept here. To witness the true mystique of the Pantheon, come here on a sunny day. As the sunlight shines through the windows, the bent light rays form magnificent columns of light that shimmer in all different colors, as if blessed by God.

Trip Moments

Trip to Italy Travel August Roman street lanes, in addition to the sun and the sun and the sun! Cannot remember any details about the city, no love tan, the makeup rushing out, shot out of various buildings are crooked! Rome went a total of two famous attractions, the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine! The two buildings next to together! Also translated the Roman Colosseum arena, the Roman arena. Roman Empire is dedicated to slave owners, nobles and freemen or slaves to watch local Jungle Wrestling. Built-in AD 72 to 82 years, it is a symbol of ancient Roman civilization. Site is located in the center of Rome the Italian capital, which in the south of Piazza Venezia, near the Roman market. It can accommodate nearly ninety thousand spectators number. ? Arch of Constantine, built-in AD 315 years, the city of Rome is extant in Arc de Triomphe three years of the latest one. Is it to celebrate Emperor Constantine in the year 312 in a complete victory over his enemies Maxentius and unified empire built.  Opening hours 8: 30-16: 30 tickets for the price of 12 Euros (included in the ticket Colosseum). Transportation Guidelines: Subway: B line to the Colosseo station. Bus: 60/75/85/87/117/271/571/175 /186/810/850 / C3 lines to Colosseo station; if you buy Roma Pass, you can also use it to visit a dedicated access channel arena.
Posted: 15 Dec, 2018
Italy Travel | Rome must eat restaurant AL34 !! I highly recommend this Italian restaurant in Rome, Ristorante AL34. Search AL34 directly on the map to find it. I have been to countless Italian restaurants, but only this one is in line with my taste, because I am a Chinese stomach, I can never eat Western food forever, this family can do so delicious, it is very rare. First recommend a few must-have dishes lobster seafood noodles good-looking and delicious series, it looks super nice and tastes super ok. It must be ok. Order to pay attention to oh, there are two, a pure seafood without lobster, a little cheaper, but must point to the lobster! Mushroom fried beef first come up, I thought it was Chinese food! The beef is very tender, and the color-smoothed mushrooms are absolutely perfect. Many people who order this dish have asked me what it is. It seems that the glutinous rice is very fond of this dish. Tiramisu Come to Italy, you must eat tiramisu. Because I don't drink alcohol, I can't recommend it. But basically everyone will order red wine, red wine with beef, and delicious. Price: 100 Euro Dish 86 Euro, 10 Euro tip, 4 Euro to the opposite person singing. Its almost, forced to charge, sing and take the brain, ask like it. like. Let's give it money. Location: Just on the edge of the Plaza de Espaa, search for AL34 on the map, you can search directly. : There are a lot of people waiting in line, it is recommended not to go to the peak of dinner. 6-7 to go basically no queue ~
Posted: 7 Jun, 2019
The city of Rome is located on the Latin plains of the Apennines in the middle of the Mediterranean. There is a Tiber River on the Latin plains. The Roman city is on the hills on the left bank of the Tiber River, about a hundred kilometers from the coast. In the early Iron Age, agricultural villages were formed. After , a Latin person came to establish a stronghold. As the economy develops, the population increases and the city is established. It is also the capital of ancient Rome, located in the capital city of Rome, Italy, named after the legendary founder Romulo. The ancient Roman city includes seven hills such as Palatino, Capitoli and Esquilino. It is about 6,200 meters long from north to south and 3,500 meters wide from east to west. The walls of the city cross the river and are undulating and undulating. The whole is irregular, like a crouching male lion. The Roman Royal Palace was built on the Palatine Hill, and later known as the Palatino Palace, including a large number of halls, bathrooms and racing fields, theaters and so on. These monuments are only ruins, but the Pantheon is completely preserved. It is a temple with a circular dome. It has a classical colonnade in front. The dome is made of natural concrete, which is made of volcanic ash. It is a great creation of Roman architecture in terms of structural technology. Its dome is 43 meters high and its width is similar. It is magnificent and has a strict structure, which has a profound influence on European classical architecture in the future. The most important part of the ancient city center is the Roman Forum, which is located in the valley between Palatino, Capitoline and Esquilino. After the city is built, it is the center of residents' gatherings. The main site is about 134 meters long and 63 meters wide. It is surrounded by temples, synagogues, Senate Houses and Arc de Triomphe, and memorial columns around the end of the Republic Square.
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