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Luxi has a beautiful place called "Galaxy". In Dengjiatian Village, Yinhe Town, there is a mountain where the golden pheasant is naturally piled up by the boulder and is called Jinjiling. There are all kinds of strange peaks and stones here. In addition to the golden chicken stone, the five-jawed stone, the bat hole and the peach flower hole, there is also a cradle stone that weighs several tons and stands for thousands of years. People sit on it and move gently. The boulder will also shake. The locals said that if you go around April, when the mountains and the mountains are everywhere, the whole sky is like a cloud. Although I missed such a season, I climbed Jinjiling at this time, but it was the time when Tonghua was in full bloom. This is another natural beauty that makes people suffocate. The gradual improvement of the supporting facilities and free tickets have become a paradise for Changsha, Guangdong and local outdoor walking enthusiasts. It is more suitable for a family with old people and children to get close to nature and relax on weekends.
Posted: 20 May, 2019
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Jiufeng Town Flower Sea
Wearing a Chinese costume to see flowers, how to make a beautiful photo like a fairy? is the most beautiful flower viewing in a year, with flowers set off, blending into the sea of flowers, then how to shoot Hanfu flowers? How do all kinds of colors and costumes match harmoniously? Want to exercise the photography technique of training male tickets, how to take photos with artistic conception? Models and photographers need to do a small homework before shooting, so the photos they take are satisfactory. Flower color classification white flowers: cherry blossom, pear flower, plum blossom yellow flower: winter jasmine, rape blossom purple pink flower: bougainvillea, peach blossom red flower: rose , rose, peony bright color corresponding clothing color: white (preferred), all colors light color, material texture is soft, such as chiffon, gauze, feathers are the best, the whole person will be more lighter . light color corresponds to bright colors: dark green dark green (preferred, dark skin is not recommended) all dark lines with high saturation. This shot color: Peach blossom (too bright) Clothing: Qi chest skirt Hanfu (light purple) photographer 1. More than three colors, the color or pattern on the clothes should have the same elements as the flowers, so that the characters will look very harmonious and the characters can jump out of the flowers. 2. Model pose: Close your eyes, lie down, take a fan to block your face, look up and lick your chin with your fingers, and look up at 45 degrees. 1. The frontal composition is basically error-free. 2. Avoid being photographed in the middle, try to move to the right or left side, the composition will not be Low first, pay attention to the proportion of characters and flowers.
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