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Tanhe  Ancient CityNearby City

Tanhe Ancient City

4.8/53,278 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Tanhe Ancient City is very suitable for family and children to play together, you can change Hanfu or ancient clothes to take pictures, you can take many beautiful photos, you can also pull bow and archery together, learn the culture of Western Zhou! Free child's heart is the love of children, outdoor beach expansion, indoor a variety of rides are free! The full-day show is very full and wonderful! The most important thing is to see the performance of the ancient love of Tanhe. Personally feel good place to share to everyone: 1. The people in the ancient city walk the streets, looking at the different people dressed, very curious and fun; 2. Adults can play ginger tai gong call rain magic museum, jiji ghost house, prince ghost ghost stories; 3, children can play childlike park, free experience, outdoor play facilities, adults and children can play together, indoor suitable for children to play, there are carousels, small trains and naughty castles and other facilities; 4, the real-life drama "Great Earthquake", to take children to see. 5. Flash show, this is especially passionate and creative, like to watch. 6. Tanhe's ancient love, must see, through the high-tech expression technique for modern audiences to create a variety of dreamy song and dance artistic conception, in the water, land, air three-dimensional space, will the West Zhou Dynasty's rise and fall, four sheep square zun legendary story, the individual feels the performance is very shocking, The front row location is very good; 7, the electric water splash festival, let the whole day feel tired, splash the water revelry, and free beer 🍺, crayfish can be tasted."
Charcoal Eternal Love PerformanceNearby City

Charcoal Eternal Love Performance

4.7/5361 Reviews
Open from 10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The performance is divided into five acts for one hour. There are several shows, which you can watch according to the time you choose to buy your ticket. The Grand Theatre of Eternal Performance has nearly 2000 audience seats, using international advanced water stage, lifting stage, revolving stage, there are hundreds of organs, can achieve high standards, high quality indoor live performance. The performance is divided into five chapters. The first scene in "Guanguan Tong, in the river continent. The niece, gentleman is good." The Tong Tong's song takes us through the time of the millennium, came to the beautiful Tanhe River Tong, the ancient "Songs" is singing here, a group of girls in the green grass between the song and dance. Young Wu Wang and beautiful Ninger are here to love, the first scene "In the River" slowly come. Time passed, "Tanhe Never Love", "Bianji Brand Dance", "The Battle of Makino", "Love in Ningxiang" in the picture of the grand, the legend about four sheep square son also was presented one by one. The second "Tanhe Never Love". Under the puppet's puppet, the puppet king cooked the brother of the wu king, and forced the wu king to cast four sheep's squares on condition that the zhou nation survives. In order to save the lover and the zhou people, rather son for husband, performed the puppet-sweet tanhe absolute love. The front stage is movable, the sides open to the side, and a group of soldiers come out of the middle. This interactive design, in addition to enhancing the experience, also breaks through the traditional space performance. The audience is all moved by the realistic character image and the twists and turns of the story. The third scene "Dance". Lutai is completed, Wu Wang to the king of the boudoir into the four sheep square. Dance king greatly joy, in Lutai set down wine pool meat forest, banquet four princes. On the stage, the demons of the puppet led the dancers, in the wine pool meat forest drunk life and death. The fourth "Battle of the Pastoral Field". The Battle of the Pastoral Field is a famous example in Chinese history, with less victories, weak victories and strong preemptive actions. It terminates the Shang Dynasty for 600 years, establishes the rule of the Western Zhou Dynasty, and opens the way for the full prosperity of the civilized ritual and music in the Western Zhou Dynasty. In this scene, Jiang Ziya appeared in the air, for spectacular. The final "Love in Ningxiang". The long flow of Tanhe River for 3,000 years, heroes and beauty of the story is here to sing. True, good and beautiful, persistence and persistence, dedication and love, so far affected generation after generation of Ningxiang people. The show was compact, without much embellishment or padding, and everyone was drawn to the story from beginning to end. With the extraordinarily powerful lights, backgrounds, music, and costumes, we were brought back to that period, and felt the story that had been going on for thousands of years. Tanhe ancient city in Changsha Ningxiang Huangcai town, from Changsha West Station can take direct to the yellow cai bus, or from the West Station to take the bus 301 Ningxiang to Ningxiang, and then from Ningxiang take the bus 118 to yellow cai. To the yellow cai town, can walk or take a ride to the ancient city, very close."