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Best Business Hotels in Lianyungang


Sofitel Hotel Lianyungang Suning

2,467 Reviews
3.3km from downtown
"The hotel also offered nice seafoods buffet. "

Reasons to Recommend: The Sofitel Hotel Lianyungang Suning is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Sofitel Hotel Lianyungang Suning offers a pleasant stay in Lianyungang for those traveling for business or leisure.

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Atour Hotel (Lianyungang Times Plaza)

1,899 Reviews
2.6km from downtown
"Very good Hotel, Clean, and good service ,  It's a place I'll get back to him again"

Reasons to Recommend: The Atour Hotel (Lianyungang Times Plaza) provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. The Atour Hotel (Lianyungang Times Plaza) offers a pleasant stay in Lianyungang for those traveling for business or leisure.

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Shenzhou Hotel

1,948 Reviews
22.5km from downtown
"The hotel is opposite the sea side It’s coming out of the Beigushan Tunnel. It is very convenient to go to the sights with direct bus. So stay in the car for a few days. Are bus trips Hotel considers thoughtful Print the bus lines to the attractions into small notes Hanging in the elevator to facilitate guests Hotel breakfast is unpretentious A bowl of Yangchun noodles with fish balls is delicious. Restaurant service is good Fish and shrimp fresh and affordable"

Reasons to Recommend: Lianyungang's Shenzhou Hotel (Shenzhou Binguan) is nestled at the foot of a hill, overlooking Liandao Island. A five minutes drive takes guests to the harbor.

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Jinling Yuntai Hotel

1,062 Reviews
2.3km from downtown
"Having worked in LYG many years ago it was time for a trip back to that city to visit old friends. Naturally we booked at the Yuntai as it was the best hotel in town back in the day. There is now a new Sofitel in the city but we still chose the Yuntai as it was a trip down memory lane. The room we were allocated was really nice but without a view of the park so we asked for a change. The new room had the view but wasn’t quite as big or well fitted out as the original. The 500 yuan security deposit is quite expensive but we have come to expect this kind of amount in regional China. Did they think we were going to steal the furniture? All the staff were friendly and helpful and we noticed that the breakfast selection is much better than than previously. The staff also helped us out with taxis, a cake delivery and the use of an iron and board. The free bike offered by the hotel also proved convenient as I needed to travel a short distance one morning. The bathroom was rather small and contained - my pet hate - shower over bathtub. The swimming pool is indoors and a little cold but well maintained and refreshing. Why the obsession with bathing caps in China? My wife accidentally partly opened some kind of ‘slippers’ for sale and having explained this to the clerk at check out, she kindly did not charge us for the item. All in all a very satisfactory family stay at the Yuntai hotel in LYG. "

Reasons to Recommend: Jinling Yuntai Hotel is located in Lianyungang's downtown area, within easy reach of a public park and the Mount Huaguo scenic area.

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Heanhu International Hotel

697 Reviews
26.7km from downtown
Guest User
"Staying at He'an Lake Hotel for the first time, I feel that the overall is very good. After staying for one night, I felt very comfortable and satisfied, so I write a comment here for your reference: [Location] In the new city, not far from Wuyue Plaza, it can meet shopping needs, the surrounding area is very quiet, and you can sleep at night. Very quiet. [Facilities] The hotel has complete facilities. The room is also quite big, about 40 square meters. The windows are bright and clean, the bedding is comfortable, the bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and the shower water is sufficient. In addition, the hotel has convenient parking and more parking spaces. [Dining] The hotel provides a free buffet breakfast. The breakfast time is relatively ample. The usual meal time is from 7 am to 9:30, so it can meet the requirements of the guests on business trips. I think it is good. [Service] The service quality of He'an Lake is very good, which is very important to the reputation of a hotel, and it directly affects the guest's perception and recognition of the hotel. All the staff of this hotel welcome the guests with smiles, they are very enthusiastic and courteous. Will go to stay in the future. I would like to recommend this hotel to everyone."

Reasons to Recommend: The Heanhu International Hotel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Lianyungang will find that the Heanhu International Hotel is a fantastic accommodation choice.

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M.Z Kaijun International Hotel

643 Reviews
21.2km from downtown
"it is centrally located and the staff did it's best with an aging building, owner that isn't interested in the up keep. The staff tried there best but the building has suffered through years of neglect"

Reasons to Recommend: <br/>

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Orange Hotel (Lianyungang Tianranju)

960 Reviews
3.8km from downtown
"The front desk service is very good, very enthusiastic, and very professional. The speed of handling problems is very fast. There are fresh oranges in the lobby. It is very sweet. The room is clean and the space is large. I like the decoration style. There is also an electric toilet. Very pleasantly surprised. Breakfast It is also very good, full buffet, good taste, rich variety, wonton buns are all handmade by the staff, eat at ease, and the whole is very satisfied"

Reasons to Recommend: The Orange Hotel (Lianyungang Tianranju) is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Visitors to Lianyungang will find that the Orange Hotel (Lianyungang Tianranju) is a fantastic accommodation choice.

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Yitel (Lianyungang Suning Plaza)

484 Reviews
3.3km from downtown
"There is a room in the early morning! The smell of books in the whole lobby is slowly and there is a place to drink tea. Every waiter is very enthusiastic. Breakfast is okay. The room also comes with a plate of fruit. Just like the picture, it is full of real, and it feels great 👍🏻"

Reasons to Recommend: The Yitel (Lianyungang Suning Plaza) is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Lianyungang, having been recently renovated in 2019.

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Atour Hotel

623 Reviews
21.1km from downtown
"Every time I come to Lianyungang for a business trip, I will choose Atour Hotel. The sanitation is very good and the facilities are complete and easy to use. The key is that the service attitude of the beauties at the front desk is very good and very caring. The price/performance ratio is really high. If you are here on business, it is recommended to choose this hotel. Oh, I almost forgot to say, her breakfast is good"

Reasons to Recommend: Renovated in 2020, the Atour Hotel offers both holiday makers and business travelers a pleasant stay in Lianyungang.

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TOP 10

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Lianyungang

747 Reviews
16.4km from downtown
"The hotel is a little bit old and in the middle of nowhere. However, like an old Mercedes, it retains some of the original charm. It has a nice swimming pool and a nice small gym. The problem is that the changing room has jacuzzi, sauna and other water facilities that are not in use, it looks depressing, dark and run down. It is a pity. The quality of their cheap buffet is just average, matching the price. It is better to order from their menu if you want to have a good meal. Food is not regularly cooked to update the buffet choices so better go as soon as it opens otherwise you may not find much. Still the best buffet in Lianyungang is Sofitel. This hotel is a good platform to visit mount Huaguoshan. "

Reasons to Recommend: We want to invite you to come and visit us in Lianyungang. We are here to make your stay fun, friendly and comfortable. We like to keep it simple. And we know that sometimes you want to enjoy the simple pleasures, too. Like a great cup of coffee, a comfortable bed. That's where we come in, Ramada Plaza Lianyungang will get you what you need, when you need it.

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TOP 11

Greentree Eastern Hotel (Lianyungang Wanda Plaza)

473 Reviews
2.2km from downtown

Reasons to Recommend: The Greentree Eastern Hotel (Lianyungang Wanda Plaza) is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Greentree Eastern Hotel (Lianyungang Wanda Plaza) is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Lianyungang.

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TOP 12

Xana Hotelle (Lianyungang Xugou Bathing Beach, Seafood City)

864 Reviews
21.5km from downtown
"Let me explain first that I booked a room with window standard. Let's talk about the overall staying feeling: 1. Hygiene: Mainly in the bathroom. I looked carefully at the basin and toilet. They were all clean without obvious stains. The hot water came out quickly and the water flow was great, which was good. 2. Environmental conditions: I didn’t take pictures in the lobby, but I liked it as soon as I entered it. The main reason was that the color of the decoration was what I liked, which gave a fresher feeling; the same was true for the room. It is neat and tidy, with no hair left; the lighting in the room is fine; the fly in the ointment is that the sound of the central air conditioner is a bit loud. 3. Service status: This must be liked! First, because I arrived late, I arrived at the store at one in the morning. During the period, I called to confirm when I would arrive at the store, which was more intimate; second, when I checked in, the receptionist specially presented a breakfast coupon, which was quite diligent; 3. When I checked out, I didn't eat breakfast in a hurry. The receptionist specially reminded me that I could get a fried dough stick to cushion my belly. It was very heartwarming; so I must like it! 4. Facilities: This is mainly about auxiliary facilities, such as the kettle is small and clean, and relatively new, the kettle has no scale; two bottles of 500ml Nongfu Spring and tea are provided free of charge; tea cups and washing glasses are very clean; combs are provided free of charge Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush and bath, comb and toothpaste and toothbrush are sealed. For the rest, you can look at the photos I took. The above is my personal experience of staying at the Xi'an Hotel. If you don't like it, you can ignore it."

Reasons to Recommend: The Xana Hotelle (Lianyungang Xugou Bathing Beach, Seafood City) provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. Visitors to Lianyungang will find that the Xana Hotelle (Lianyungang Xugou Bathing Beach, Seafood City) is a fantastic accommodation choice.

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TOP 13

Jinjiang Inn Style (Lianyungang Suxin Bus Terminal Suning Plaza)

596 Reviews
3km from downtown
"The chain hotel stays at ease, the location is easy to find, next to the Lianyungang City Meteorological Bureau, the price is very high, the bed is very comfortable, check in and check out are very convenient, praise ~"

Reasons to Recommend: The Jinjiang Inn Style (Lianyungang Suxin Bus Terminal Suning Plaza) is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Lianyungang, having been recently renovated in 2020.

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TOP 14

Jinyuan Hotel

953 Reviews
27.6km from downtown

Reasons to Recommend: Ganyu Jinyuan Le Grand Large Hotel by Jiangsu suhai group investment, Nanjing Lakeview Xuanwu Hotel hotel management company management, Ganyu district is the only listing four Stars Hotel. The hotel is located in the new city government area of Ganyu District, adjacent to the government building of Ganyu district. The hotel from the long deep high speed, Shen Hai is high speed of only five minutes, only two minutes by car from the S242 highway, the traffic is very convenient. Hotel building majestic atmosphere, elegant environment, complete hardware facilities, advanced management system, a full range of services, is the best place for business, conference, tourism, sports, leisure activities such as dinners, Lianyungang and Subei Lunan region.

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TOP 15

Century Fate International Hotel

1,042 Reviews
3.3km from downtown
"The hotel is located in the prosperous area of Lianyungang, close to Suning Plaza, and the Wuyue Plaza in the downstairs is being renovated. It is convenient to eat, drink and play. The hotel has a rich breakfast and there is a dedicated parking lot for parking. The hotel is spacious and bright, fully equipped and cannot accommodate an extra bed."

Reasons to Recommend: The Century Fate International Hotel (Shijiyuan Guoji Jiudian) is located close to the popular Huaguoshan Scenic Spot and only a 25-minute drive from the airport. The Ninglian Expressway and Jinghu Expressway are also easily accessible.

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