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Family-Friendly Attractions in Lianyungang

Yuntai Mountain
1,373 Reviews
22.4km from downtown
National Park
"The sea Yuntai Mountain is located in Taoyuan Road, Sucheng District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 40.78 square kilometers and is 605 meters from the main peak of the sea. It stands on the top of the mountain overlooking the Oriental Dagang, East-West Liandao and the eastern city of Guaohao. It is named as a national forest park and is now a national 4A level scenic spot. The main attractions in the scenic area are Wanshou Valley, Yuntai Stone Forest, Wudao Temple, Yulin Huahai, Yuquan, Haitian Scan, Fenghu Fairyland - Erjiaojian, Faqi Temple, Yunwu Tea House, Yunhai, etc."

Reasons to Recommend: Yuntai Mountain is situated near Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. At 605.4 meters, it is the second highest peak in Jiangsu. The main attractions in the scenic area are the Wanshou Valley Pristine Flower Meadows, Zhuhai Immortal Realm Wudao Temple, and Faqi Temple in the Han dynasty monastery. Compared with mountains in the interior, Yuntai Sea Mountain's uniqueness lies in its views of the Yellow sea from the mountain walkway.

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Yuwan Scenic Area
1,311 Reviews
11.9km from downtown
"Yuwan Scenic Area is located in Yuwan Village, Yuntai Township, Lianyungang City, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. It used to be a Yuwan Pier. The sea water has receded from the east to the good land. The mountains here are sparse, natural and environmentally friendly, and the folk style is simple. There is a rich pastoral scenery. In the 36th area of Yuntai Mountain, the bay is called Santan Kalang. The valley is Sanlong Pool, the water carp huan, the boulders are standing, the water is like a screen. The water surface of the second dragon pool is big and cold. The waterfall of the third dragon pool is flying down, it is deep and not bottomed, and it is foggy and smokey. There are waterfalls on the ridge, and there are waterfalls on the waterfall. It is unique in the water curtain hole."

Reasons to Recommend: Yuwan Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Yuntai Mountain where Huaguo Mountain is located. It is made up of waterfalls, cliffs and rock formations. The Hidden Dragon Cave in the middle of the mountain is an authentic water curtain cave. The cave can accommodate more than 20 people. When you stand close to the “Rainbow view platform” near the cave entrance and look out, you can see the huge rainbow reflection projected by the old Longtan Waterfall. The scene is absolutely spectacular.

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Dayi Mountain
192 Reviews
31.5km from downtown
"Dayishan scenery is pleasant, beautiful scenery, pure natural natural scenery, people are relaxed, interesting, cost-effective, high-rise, beautiful scenery, great, good choice."

Reasons to Recommend: Dayi Mountain is the Taishan mountainous branch of Dayi Mountain, which was born in the Archaic period. It was named after Yin Yi, the prime minister of the Shang Dynasty who once lived here. There are many strange stones and strange caves on the mountain, as well as stone plaques and rock paintings with long history. The stone Buddha temple ruins on the mountain are not as magnificent as the stone Buddha temple under the mountain, but they also have their own unique charm. After climbing to the top of the mountain, you can look down on the entire Guanyun County.

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Liandao Beach
404 Reviews
29.3km from downtown
"Suma Bay is located in Lianyungang City, next to the famous Lianyungang Scenic Area. Suma Bay is called Lover's Bay. It contains attractions such as Suma Bay Waterfall, Sea and Sky, Sea Swearing Mountains, and Sea Erosion Stones. Although Suma Bay is not as well known as the island beach, the scenery of Suma Bay is more beautiful and the beach is more delicate. It is recommended to go to the beach to visit directly ignore the island and go straight to Suma Bay."

Reasons to Recommend: Liandao Beach, located in Lianyungang, also known as Suma Bay, is a high quality natural beache in Jiangsu. With exequite beach and 90 days per year of bath period, Liandao Beach is suitable for all kinds of water sports and entertainments. The whole bathing area consists of two parts, Dasha Bay Beach and Suma Bay Beach. The two beaches are large and relatively flat, suitable for children to play. There are also some sand sculptures in Dasha Bay.

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Lianyunganglao Street
66 Reviews
26.3km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Lianyungang Old Street is located on the seaside of Lianyungang, at the foot of Yuntai Mountain at the sea. It is one of the ancient streets of Lianyungang. It shows a lot of Lianyungang's history and culture, and the architectural style is unique. It is recommended to visit."
Haizhouwan Ocean Park
90 Reviews
37.3km from downtown
"Close to the children can take the children to play, the children like it very much. The sea lion show is also free, 2 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. After watching the sea floor, there are some small animals on the land. Next to the sea, you can walk there. Opposite is the water park, you can go in the summer."

Reasons to Recommend: Haizhouwan Ocean Park is a large ocean theme park, integrating, popular science education, tourism, and amusement into one place. It combines ocean fishing culture with exhibition of ocean's living organisms. There are a variety of exhibits, with eight main exhibition areas: sea floor world, special ocean organism exhibit, ocean animal show, ocean fishing culture, etc. There are also children's castle, merchandise area, fishing game area, etc. There is also diving equipment, using which visitors can go for an underwater adventure, along with the guidance of a diving instructor.

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210 Reviews
8.6km from downtown
Historical Site
"Originally wanted to go to the beach, but there was fog that day, temporarily changed to peach blossom, mainly to see the city. I didn't do any homework before, I thought it was a small attraction, I didn't expect it to be quite big inside, but also climb the mountain, the scenery is good, the scenic area is also very good. We have been walking around for most of the day, and we are tired. Free tickets for the elderly."

Reasons to Recommend: Taohua Jian is located in the southern part of the Jinping Mountain. It is named because there are peach blossoms in spring all over there. There are both tall and straight trees and bare stones on the mountain, which feels like Chinese painting. There is not only a beautiful natural landscape, but also a great number of historic sites, such as the Neolithic site in Taohua Jian, the Neolithic Site in Erjian Village and the Shang Zhou Site in Jiulongkou.

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“Over the Sea” Park
117 Reviews
22.6km from downtown
"The Haifang Park is very good, the scenery is very beautiful, and it is very fun, and you can go to the pier to take a boat, which is very exciting, but it is not too windy, a bit cold, and wear more, very good."

Reasons to Recommend: “Over the Sea” Park is located in the Lianyun District of Lianyungang, at the eastern bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Designed according to the principle of “respecting nature, transforming nature, and enjoying nature,” the park is divided into five areas such as the recreation center and the ocean view area, following an ordered sequence of private spaces, semi-open spaces, open spaces, and borderless ocean spaces. It is a modern nature resort that offers recreation, sightseeing, and tourism activities.

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Lianyungang MuseumClosed
77 Reviews
371m from downtown
"The Lianyungang Museum, located at 68 Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, was established in 1973, covering an area of 45 mu and 13,600 square meters, and collecting more than 10,000 pieces of various cultural relics. The Centre for Exhibition and Education. The museum is a world-renowned archaeological and cultural centre with a high profile. It displays the local cultural values and historical values. More than 20 temporary exhibitions in various forms are also held each year."