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Great Urban Parks in Lianyungang

Mount Huaguo
6,058 Reviews
6.9km from downtown
"The Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area is 75.39 square kilometers, with 136 peaks, of which Huaguo Mountain Yunvfeng is the highest peak in Jiangsu Province, with an altitude of 624.4 meters and a cliff cliff. Flower and Fruit Mountain, which has been known as the First Place in the East China Sea and one of the Four Great Lingshan Mountains in the Sea since ancient times, is a combination of mountain and stone, seascape, historical sites and myths, and has high value of sightseeing, sightseeing and historical scientific research. The natural landscape features spectacular scenery with mountains and seas, rugged and open. The mountains are magnificent with ancient trees, flowing water, fragrance of flowers and fruits, monkeys playing, strange peaks and caves, strange rocks and clouds, and wonderful scenery. The cultural landscape is long-standing, the cultural heritage is very thick, thousands of years of ancient buildings, ancient sites, ancient stone carvings, and the ancient literati and calligraphers traveled in the mountains"

Reasons to Recommend: Mount Huaguo is the source of "Journey to the West", one of the four Chinese literary classics, and is known as "the hometown of the Monkey King". It has tremendous value for viewing, sightseeing and historical research. The natural landscape of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit offers a magnificent spectacle full of mountains and waters and corresponding views of imposing heights and vast openness. If you mount the Yunufeng peak, you can see a beautiful sea of clouds. The exposed peaks look like a Paradise Island in the sea. The scenery makes you feel even more entranced and intoxicated.

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“Over the Sea” Park
117 Reviews
22.6km from downtown
"The Haifang Park is very good, the scenery is very beautiful, and it is very fun, and you can go to the pier to take a boat, which is very exciting, but it is not too windy, a bit cold, and wear more, very good."

Reasons to Recommend: “Over the Sea” Park is located in the Lianyun District of Lianyungang, at the eastern bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. Designed according to the principle of “respecting nature, transforming nature, and enjoying nature,” the park is divided into five areas such as the recreation center and the ocean view area, following an ordered sequence of private spaces, semi-open spaces, open spaces, and borderless ocean spaces. It is a modern nature resort that offers recreation, sightseeing, and tourism activities.

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CangWu Green Park
143 Reviews
2.3km from downtown
City Park
"Cangwu Green Garden, located in the west section of Cangwu, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, was built in 1997, covering an area of 428 mu, is the largest green space leisure square in the city center. On weekends, many citizens rest and play in the park, and in the morning there are many people in the park morning exercise. It's springtime recently, and it's a great place for the whole family to go out for a walk."
Er'langshen Culture Relics Park
51 Reviews
53.2km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"Erlang Shen Cultural Relic Park is located in Wulongkou, north of Guannan County, Jiangsu Province, with an area of 395 mu and a construction area of more than 16,000 square meters. It was built in 2014 and is now a national 4A level scenic spot. Using the natural resources such as the Yanhe and the legend of the god Erlang, the 1000-odd military history, the focus is on protecting wetlands, recreation and ecological experience. The main scenic spots are Erlang Temple, Zhenjun Temple, Cixiao Pavilion, Zeng Xingtai, Ershengdou Changyuan, Tianhuyuan, and the Cultural Exhibition Center."
Yuzhou Park
54 Reviews
4.1km from downtown
City Park
"Among the many parks in Lianyungang, Yuzhou, they are not particularly brilliant, but as a place to provide leisure and entertainment for local residents nearby, they are still doing a good job. We are tourists."
Xinpu Park
87 Reviews
4.4km from downtown
City Park
"Xinpu Park is located by the Dapu River, Hailian Middle Road, Lianyungang City, south of Longhai Pedestrian Street. It is an older park in Lianyungang. The park area is not large, it is a comprehensive landscape garden archetype building group with the layout of Jiangnan gardens, pavilions, buildings, pavilions, corridors, pavilions and so on. Next to the Dapu River on the west side of the park is the Yanhe Street, where dining and delicacies gather, which is a good place for leisure."