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Ferris Wheel
Qingdao Haiquan Bay • Ocean Star Ferris WheelNearby City

Qingdao Haiquan Bay • Ocean Star Ferris Wheel

4.9/576 Reviews
"Ferris Wheel"
Open from 5/1-10/7,Mon-Thu, Sun,10:00am-7:40pm;Open from 5/1-10/7,Fri,12:00am-8:40pm;Open from 5/1-10/7,Sat,10:00am-8:40pm;Open from 10/8-4/30,Mon-Thu, Sun,10:00am-5:40pm;Open from 10/8-4/30,Fri,12:00am-7:40pm;Open from 10/8-4/30,Sat,10:00am-7:40pm;Open from 7/16-8/8,10:00am-8:40pm (Local time)
"I don't know is the first time to Qingdao, and in this season, seafood is essential! Today, the first stop of the tour came to the Hong Kong China Travel (Qingdao) Bay Resort. Dinner at Crowne Plaza Qingdao Haiquan Bay · Tianhai Day Restaurant is my favorite daily ingredient. Some dishes are very creative and must be recommended. 🦪Tianfuluo, a creative food that needs to be ignition, the fire climate control is very good, delicate and concurrent, can be the first push. 🍤 Peony Shrimp, surrounded by an iceberg that has been frozen for eight hours, a sweet Arctic shrimp lies quietly there, especially delicious, they said that it is the most delicious to sip the shrimp head, always feel that the shrimp's stomach is inside, and dare not open. 🍱 The sashimi platter is rich, the ingredients are fresh, the knife is OK, salmon, octopus, trout and other fish are the favorite. 🥠 The abalone has been simmering in chicken soup for more than 4 hours. The delicious chicken soup is matched by the delicate abalone. The way the dish is served is very special, with magic paper, after the fire, abalone dew, like a magic show. 🐚 Conch pine soup, using Conch shell as a vessel, is Conch meat and pine soup, the soup is delicious, a little slack taste is more of Conch flavor, when serving, it will also burn a flame, especially a surprise. Tonight, I always feel that every dish is related to fire 🔥. The chef said that the meaning is red and hot, and it is a special blessing. Other dishes are also very tasteful, such as roasted salmon, old cow tongue, fried chicken, and other tastes are unique. The service of the restaurant is very good, the chef will explain the original intention and characteristics of each dish creatively, tonight, eat not only food, but also creative and culture oh. Here, 200 yuan per person, convenient transportation, after eating, you can go to a sea hot spring solution, really like a god."