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Yanzi Mountain

Yanzi Mountain

3.5/528 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Lingbao Amazing Natural Scenery
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Swallow Mountain in the eyes of tourists, beautiful mountains, water moving peach red willow green to know the spring, river and stream xiao chun feelings. Spring is strong, how many tourists can not hold out to go out to the spring of the mind, came to the swallow mountain play! Swallow Mountain is only 15 kilometers away from the city, for the people who rarely go out, want to travel out but worry about too tired, definitely the best choice! Swallow Mountain, appreciate a side of the landscape, feel the true meaning of life. That mountain, although not the majestic and magnificent, but also not mediocre, with the original ecological natural scenery, beautiful peaks, heavy rocks, hidden sky and sun. From the midnight, not Ramadan. There are more numerous national protection animals in the forest to grow and live, together to protect the mountain! Through the virgin forest, enjoy the forest bath, the full length 2.66 km forest walkway is one of the largest forest baths in the country, here, walk through the virgin forest alone, breathe deeply, send the mountains and waters in leisure, there is water in the mountains, there are mountains in the water, mountains and waters hug each other, beautiful like Penglai Wonderland, you are in it, you are the fairy! The water is more spiritual because of the beautiful scenery of the swallow mountain. She has no yellow river, the Yangtze River waves, but has clear bottomless and not contest! Two streams running like jade belts, with a size of more than 10 waterfalls, like a mother to nourish the land, wandering in pursuit of dream valley, accompanied by the stream, pursuing the true meaning of life! Water has spirituality, human feelings, enjoy the rafting to bring us a thrill is also a feeling! Swallow Mountain has the best water quality, the most environmental protection of the rafting project, rafting the whole forest cover, no sun ultraviolet radiation, the exclusive cracked "upper sunburn, the lower body soaked up" world-class problems. Men all the way laugh, women all the way scream, more lively and extraordinary! Mountains are affectionate and beautiful, water has righteous and flexible, swallow mountain, a true health and blessing!"
Wangfu Zhuhai Holiday Tourist AreaNearby City

Wangfu Zhuhai Holiday Tourist Area

4.4/584 Reviews
Ranked #11 in Luanchuan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"I sell landscapes in the house of the bamboo sea fun life, is to play with the mountains, fireworks. I know a slow pace, suitable for the cultivation of the place, Wangfu Zhuhai, located in the town of Wangfugou village, Lion Temple Town, Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, tickets are not expensive, only 50, or the national AAAA class scenic spot. The most worthwhile visit here is of course the waterfall, the waterfall is 1.5 km long, the water is surging, the scenery is magnificent, the first time I saw the waterfall, no wonder the ancients praised the waterfall! Here is the most natural landscape, except the waterfall, a green scene. Now next to the waterfall, I feel very refreshing, sitting on the magic carpet is very interesting to reach the sky, not tired at all, this road is a landscape, remember to see the scenery along the way, 🌄 digestion is not happy. Skyscape: The purest place, standing in the sky mirror, can take your own reflection, super film. The beauty and blue sky constitute beautiful scenery painting. The scenic area is relatively small, not many people go, so there is no crowd. Go punch in before it becomes a popular tourist attraction. Don't worry about traffic jams or more people. The annual average temperature here is 12.5℃, the average summer temperature is only 25℃, so it is especially suitable for summer vacation. Food: The bamboo forest walks the ground chicken is here the sign, walks the ground chicken meat is strong, the taste is very good. And that fish eats the rainbow trout. Another day is healed by food, the food here is also very good. Mountain view villa built according to the mountain forest, the scenery is super beautiful, the view in the mountain view villa is also good, the air is really superb, the environment is beautiful, suitable for vacation travel."
Shaohua Mountain Forest ParkNearby City

Shaohua Mountain Forest Park

4.1/5689 Reviews
Ranked #3 in Weinan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 3/1-11/30,8:00am-5:30pm;Open from 12/1-2/28,8:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"In the high mountains, the sea in the heart, long in the cage, return to nature. Everyone has a mountain and sea in their heart. It is time to free yourself and put down the time constraints. Enjoy a casual trip that says go away 🧳 Long summer vacation can not be lived. It is suitable to go camping. Up high mountains, see Yunjuan Yunshu ☁️ erect a tent. Wangxing Riverside ✨About three or five friends gather together in the same starry sky, cast aside the urban troubles, completely return to nature ⛺️June 26th and August 31st Qinling Mountain, Star-chasing Tour, Shaohua Mountain Fifth Alpine Star Camping Festival and the Second Naliang Water-loving Festival, Two major themes detonate the summer revel 🎉 water 🔫 battle, stone painting, mountain forest secret, parent-child activity, open-air film, romantic starry sky... completely satisfy your heart of mountain play 💓 the beautiful Shaohuashan National Forest Park, is the nearest natural oxygen bar from Xi'an. Yueya Lake, Qianlong Temple scenic area, Shimenxia scenic Longshou Pavilion, strange mountain natural landscape, called the Jiuzhaigou of Shaanxi. Shaohuashan Crescent Lake Water-Friendly Area, the fairy of the mountains and clear waters, seeking the colorful kingdom of the innocence world, stone painted DIY to play the creative Tianmaxing sky 🎨 This summer, the Shaohuashan, looking for the nearest place to the sky, the night sky stars shining, the milky way pours thousands of miles, Far from the city's hustle and glaring lights, complete a star-following trip at the top of Qinling Mountain 🌠Sleeping with the starry sky 🌌Waking up at sunrise 🌄Contract a whole mountain top, camp yourself, poetry and the distance are at your feet, why go far, come to Shaohua Mountain, feel the green Hawaii in the mountains 🏞"