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Grand Canyon in Western HenanNearby City

Grand Canyon in Western Henan

4.5/5309 Reviews
Ranked #15 in Qian County Fun Attractions Nearby
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"Hope that the price of drifting is closer to the people. I went there in August last year. If this place comes, I will drift, otherwise it will come in vain. Drifting for the first time was exciting, and it was not that dangerous. There were staff escorting dangerous places along the way. We bought a package online, ticket + rafting + insurance (considering that there is a certain risk of rafting, each person bought 10 yuan insurance, and went out to play with companions. If you don't want to be unpleasant, spend a small amount of money to avoid trouble.) It is recommended that the summer is hot Time to come. When you come, prepare a set of clothes, which are completely drenched inside and out. Other items can be stored in the locker. The clothes prepared are wrapped in several layers of plastic bags on the back. When you are finished drifting, you can change it directly. The water in the mountains is really cool. It's really cold in wet clothes. It is recommended to go back for the return journey and take a look at the scenery along the way, because you can't take many photos when you float down. You can play in the water, no matter whether you know each other or not, remember to bring a waterproof phone bag, a water gun or a large water scoop. Bring a pair of my shoes in the picture below. I'm afraid that I might lose my slippers. Play a little longer on the upstream lake, and when you reach the drifting curve, you want to stop and play but you have no chance. We were very happy to play, the girl asked me if I could do it again after drifting."