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Christ ChurchNearby City

Christ Church

4.5/53 Reviews
"Churches and Cathedrals"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Strolling in Qingzhou Old churches in the ancient city of Qingzhou There are two old churches in the ancient city of Qingzhou, one for Christianity and one for Catholicism. The latter looks good but was newly built in recent years, and the former combines Chinese and Western styles with a radiant interior, so the former is more recommended. When I walked into the Christian church, I happened to meet the pastor who was receiving friends. Not only did I have the honor to observe the characteristics of this old building, but I also shared a story of fighting against the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution. Speaking of this, the Catholic Church was sadly reminded. Not only was it demolished that year, it was also completely flattened and turned into a dormitory for the local cigarette factory. In the completely Chinese-style wing room, there is an introduction to the doctrine and the history of Christianity in Qingzhou. So the strands of strands obtained before are strung together here. In short, the missionaries in Qingzhou in the late Qing Dynasty successively opened schools (predecessor of Qilu University), hospital (predecessor of Qilu Hospital), and Museum (predecessor of Qingzhou Museum). Then one of the founders, the famous Timothy Richard (1845-1919), founded Shanxi University Hall (the predecessor of Shanxi University), and vigorously advocated the promotion of people's wisdom and Western education, which profoundly influenced China's modern history."