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Linyi Museum (South Gate)

Linyi Museum (South Gate)

4.6/543 Reviews
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-4:00pm;Closed on Mon (Local time)
"Museum series continues, this time take everyone into the Linyi City Museum of Shandong Province. Linyi is famous for the old district and red pupa spirit of the whole country, "Who don't say good hometown" and "Yi Mengshan minor tune" melody old people can be said to be familiar with. But besides the red holy place, Linyi is also a historical city, from the stone age to the Qin and Han Dynasties, from Sui and Tang Dynasties to Ming and Qing Dynasties, has been a place in history, the Yao Zhuge clan, the Yao Wang clan and so on have been a temporary wind. 🌟 Highlight Feature: Linyi Museum New Pavilion is located on the edge of Wuzhou Lake in front of the city government. It adopts four superimposed giant books and has a strong three-dimensional feeling. The layout of Linyi Museum: there are four floors, and the main cultural relics are on the first and second floors. The stone exhibition hall of Han portraits on the first floor is absolutely not to be missed, especially the large stone tombs of Wu Baizhuang and Wulibao in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, which are magnificent, ornate and beautifully carved. Wu Baizhuang carved the intersection of man and animals to make me think I was looking at ancient Greek sculptures. The second floor of the museum introduces the history of Linyi by time, including the structure and color of prehistoric pottery, pottery excavated in Dawenkou culture period, pottery excavated in Longshan culture period, and the fine display of egg shell pottery. 👍The most recommended: The "Golden Jade Tao" unearthed in the tomb of the Western Han Dynasty in Hongjiadian, Nanfang Town, Linyi City is made of 1140 pieces of jade worn together with gold thread. It is the first set of "Golden Jade Clothes" discovered in China. The Jin Dynasty Hu people riding lions, bronze Hu people riding lions, bronze phoenix incense burner, chicken head pot unearthed from Xiyanchi Jin Tomb are the national treasures. These are absolutely not to be missed."