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Longyuan Tourist Area

Longyuan Tourist Area

4.6/5410 Reviews
Ranked #10 in Linyi Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The Dragon Garden is really big. There are still a few places that you haven't seen in the day. First of all, there are many large dinosaurs with moving and sound. You can learn to go to the children's playground. There are many children's play facilities. Super slides, small roller coasters, wind and fire wheels, Interesting seesaw, ski run, trampoline, large turntable, bumper car, etc. Next to the water park, a long rocking bridge is very popular in the air zipline (under the water, good stimulus!), cane bridge and so on and then go boating 🚣, there are four kinds of boats 🚤, we choose the leg rudder, 40 yuan half an hour, If the electric will be 50 yuan for half an hour. The river is very long, and there is a opera in the center...Later, you can see that there is a dragon garden never night city, because it is too far, there is no past, you can see all the snacks in the distance. . . Then go to the snow and ice world, because you have to sell tickets, so you don't go in. In the animal kingdom, there are plant models, many real animals, rabbit 🐰, monkey 🐒, peacock 🦚, sheep 🐑, alpaca 🦙, horse 🐎, swan 🦢, flamingo, etc., after coming out, you can see the rainforest, but recently, the construction is suspended, but unfortunately, you can't get in. . . Later, you can see the exit. . Overall, it's very meaningful, there are many water and drinks snacks inside, the price is also affordable, water is more expensive, 8 yuan a bottle, Coke 🥤 4 yuan a bottle, pancakes 🌯7/8 yuan a. Played for a day, tired and happy!"