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Jiujianpeng Tourist Zone

Jiujianpeng Tourist Zone

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"Jiujianpeng is a red revolutionary base on the Tianbaoshan Mountains in Pingyi The origin of the name goes back to Qianlong. In order to escape the war, Liu and his wife came to Longding Mountain and found that there was a natural stone shed for shelter, and there were mountain springs nearby for drinking, so they settled here. Be in bed, slash and burn, and multiply. Later, due to the increasing population, a stone shed was gradually divided into nine, which is the "nine sheds" we see today. In 1963, all the villagers moved out of the stone shed. Jiujianpeng Primary School was established in Shipeng. In 1966, Jiujianpeng Primary School was also moved out of Shipeng. Jiujianpeng is a well-preserved traditional village dwelling that is ingeniously combined with natural caves and artificial buildings, which is rare in the country. The old site of Jiujianshan is currently intact. Jiujianpeng is lacking in resources and is remote. It has experienced decades of drought. The reservoir dam completed in June 2011 has provided protection for local water resources. The Tiantan Reservoir in early spring is as calm as jasper. Li Jin Academy, established by Li Jin, a senior reporter from Xinhua News Agency, to study with the villagers and also serves as a place for reading in his later years. It is now open to tourists. Tickets for Jiujian Shed: RMB 40, you can book tickets on Ctrip Transportation: At the gate of the scenic area, there are battery cars and tour buses in the scenic area. If there are fewer people, you may have to wait for a long time. If you are driving by yourself, you can drive the car directly to the mountain, so it is recommended to come to Jiujian Shed for self-driving or package Carpooling is the most convenient. Accommodation: There are farmyards and homestays under Jiujianpeng Mountain. You can enjoy pear blossoms and peach blossoms in spring, and summer climbing."