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Ziboquan Hetou Sceneic AreaNearby City

Ziboquan Hetou Sceneic Area

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"Boshan is a picturesque place, where mountains and waters blend. From the southern town of Boshan, the source of the river is about 1.5 kilometers up against the river. You can only see the green mountains, the blue waves, the mountains and the waters, such as entering the painting scene, here is praised as "Quanshi Fairyland", is the famous Quanhetou Scenic Area. Quanhetou Scenic Area, has a long history. At present, the scenic area mainly consists of the Shanglong Bay, Xialong Bay Springs and Qinglong Mountain Ancient Buildings. Here the water flying fog, the air is fresh, the spring water gushing, is the place to let the personality of the visitors excited. Along the Quanhe River, the broad water surface reflects the reflection of Qinglong Mountain, the water clear bottom, fish swimming shoals, goose duck play, refreshing. Two springs, Shanglong Bay and Xialong Bay, were dredged and renovated into a deep pool of ten meters square, surrounded by stone pillars, the pool is green, the spring is dense, jade spraying and spitting beads, and the water temperature is kept at around 15℃ perennially, especially suitable for breeding tropical fish. The city and district water conservancy department invested in several mu fish ponds, raising rainbow trout imported from abroad, now here has become an important rainbow trout supply. The silver-gray building on the riverside is the rainbow trout restaurant, people in the mountains and water, to taste fish here, there is a taste, many tourists are eager to catch fish."