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Lisbon is a city with seven hills, so no matter where you go, you can go up to see more scenery. The people of Lisbon think of a way to solve the problem of climbing in the hot summer days. The city's Santa Justa lifts provide direct access to the upper part of the Upper Town, and you'll find the Carmo Abbey. The unrepaired semi-circle was the ruins that had survived the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. The fare for the tour is less than 5 euros. If you pass by, you can see it. Because it has not been repaired, you should not look at its historical value. This is also a kind of broken beauty. The ancient building has no top, and seems to be connected with Heaven. It seems to say, "God, you see that the natural disasters made me so embarrassed, pray to God, and give our people peace and joy."
Posted: 28 Nov, 2018
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Belém Tower
The most famous attraction in the Belem district of Lisbon must-have: Belm Tower. Belem Tower, one of the world's cultural heritages, has a very important historical and strategic significance in the history of Lisbon, and it has also been named one of Portugal's seven wonders. Come here early in the morning, there are already many tourists around Belm Tower, sitting on the surrounding lawns and steps in twos and threes, and the Belem Tower has already started long queues, waiting to enter. Belm Tower was built between 1514 and 1520 during Manuel I. It was first used to defend the port of Belm. Now there are many barrels that have been preserved in the past. Cultural relics of the 16th century. Later, the Belm Tower gradually transformed into a beacon, the starting point for Portuguese navigators to explore the unknown ocean at that time. Later, it became a jail that was held in custody. You can feel the gloomy atmosphere of the dungeon when you enter the tower. There are several lookout windows and balconies around the tower. Although the history is long, the walls made of stone are still well preserved. The exquisite craftsmanship of the year is clearly visible. Entering the tower requires a wooden bridge, and the Belem Tower at the high tide seems to float above the sea. Belm Tower was officially recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by the International UNESCO in 1983. In 2007, it was named one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal and has a history of more than 500 years. Although it is called a tower, it is more like a fortress. It is guarded on the coast of Lisbon and witnesses the glory and glory of Lisbon.
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Some people say that Spain must see a flamenco dance then come to Lisbon, this method can not miss Fado in Portugal for more than 150 years here the guitar sound more Sharp and singer's ethereal voice Portuguese music sounds close but seems distant Fado is also known as the fate of the sad songs after the dance is really depressed and depressed a song to the ocean from the Alpha Ma passed to Tejo River said that Fado is very strange to many people but it is a national quintessence representing the history of Portuguese music when you are walking in a tavern in Lisbon, or a coffee in the corner From time to time, the store can pass the music of Fado [Fado restaurant recommended] most famous Fado restaurants are in Lisbon. Give a suggestion here: For those who don't know much about history, feel an atmosphere, and listen to the flower alone, it is better to charge 15 euros than to choose dinner directly, while eating Its just a long time to enjoy the Fado show Fado performance together to ease the boring atmosphere. [Clube de Fado] This is the most famous one, but we didn't choose this because it was already booked in the past, so I want to go to this suggestion or make an appointment in advance. Go to the store one day to get a business card to call or communicate with the clerk. [Casa de Fados] Finally, the one I chose above is actually a similar one. There are several other good alternatives: [A baiuca] [Mesa de Frades] [Fato introduction] method In fact, it was inspired by the Moorish songs and the homesick sailors' songs, so the Portuguese folks always have a little sadness, Imagine the wife because the husband of the family has not returned for a long time, / Hh / I am alone in my hometown to take care of everything, in life can not be without music sing for a long time has become a small song. Xiaoqu heard the feelings of sadness, loss and pain, finally used the instrumental Portuguese special guitar music and the singer with a unique tone, even if you can't understand You also think that such an extraordinarily ethereal music can also sound a bleak. [Fadian historical evolution] In fact, Portugals Fados life experience is a bit unclear but its finally known that there are Arab, gypsy and more black bloodlines, others say it actually In the Congo in 1819, the blacks brought songs and dances to Brazil and began to integrate new elements in Rio. They also became Fado. Around 1850, Fado was brought to Portugal at the time of singing, is interpretation. The tears of the wife and husband on the Tejo River. The place where each performance of Fado is not necessarily the same, It is like that in general, Fado is a guitarist or a lute accompaniment next to a female singer. The use of skill jitter in the song is used to reflect the feeling of sadness, However, the complete Fado will also have male singers and even dance, have a happy story, content and sadness. The Fado performances are basically carried out in restaurants or pubs. The restaurant is mainly based on western food. The main course is the main dish dessert red wine, but for the taste of the dishes Of course, it is not as good as some hundred-year-old restaurants. The selling point of the Fado restaurant is still in the performance itself. So it is even more advisable to order a drink in the pub in Fado.
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