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Shimen Xianhu Scenic AreaNearby City

Shimen Xianhu Scenic Area

4.3/5285 Reviews
"Rock Monument"
Selected for Jianhe Fun Attractions Nearby
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"#Liuzhou [Superword]#In the morning, Shimen Xianhu woke up in a thunderous sound, entered the scenic spot, came to the majestic door, and then up is the legendary glass path. The path in the rain is a bit slippery, but also because of the blurred mirrors lost some thrills. Looking down carefully, the underground river and the dense vegetation a few dozen meters below the bridge is still visible. After walking lightly through the glass path, look up to see a natural stone door, said to be the origin of the name of Shimen Xianhu. Figure 3 Shimen upturning is the effect a bit like a love ❤️? Climbing to the top of the mountain, a sky-blue artificial glass platform is in sight. If it is not raining and sunny, you can walk on the platform and overlook the countryside under the mountain. By the way, take a large film of the same style of net red. Pick up the level and down, into the natural cave, although not the first time to see, but the sight of stalactites still let us linger. Huge stone pillars and stone bench, clear see the bottom of the water, with a colorful light, look strange and strange, very novel. Especially the two small waterfalls at the mouth of the cave, which stirred up a burst of steam, rose up in the cave like a fairyland. The temperature inside the hole is much lower than outside, suddenly leaving, like from the air-conditioned room to the hot outdoors, the glasses immediately covered with misty water vapor... xianhu we are not the first time, but each time there are different harvest. In fact, life is the same, different people face the same simple and repeated things, or the same people in different periods, will have different feelings... Go, brush again the good cattle, feel a different sour feeling, back to the house!"