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Notting Hill
Notting Hill located on the west side of London is a very unique corner of the city. A lot of people likely heard and knew of it because of the movie “Notting Hill”. The most famous spot is definitely the travel bookstore where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant met. Perhaps as Hugh Grant said in the movie, only interesting folks live in this part of town. From the outside you’ll see an array of various colorful houses, with flowers in full bloom on the balconies. All sorts of very well-designed storefronts can be seen here. Overall, you’ll find surprises around every corner. Try to come here during the weekend, as there is a place here called Portobello Market, one of Notting Hill’s most popular markets. There are over 2,000 antique sellers here, and with influencers opening shop here too. Coats sell in this market are great. Even though they are street-side stalls, the price isn’t actually cheap at all. See the door handles in this photo here? What a collection. My recommendation here is still a list of various neighborhoods which I really like. For people who are fans of the Sherlock Holmes movie, check out Baker Street. In comparison to Shoreditch and Red Brick Lane, Neil street District is a lot more refined with more fashionable trends and goods. These are all highly popular among young people. In Notting Hill, the focus is definitely on the movie “Notting Hill”. The market is a huge attraction.
Natural History Museum
As an international metropolitan city, London is home to a huge array of various types of museums. In the tens of museums in London, the first one is obviously the famous Natural History Museum. I have decided to head to this place purely out of a fun misunderstanding. I kept thinking this is where the movie “Night at the Museum” was shot. in fact, the entire trilogy of the “Night at the Museum” was not filmed here. The Natural History Museum is a historic Victorian building. Here you will find over 70 million items of global history and biological evolution on exhibition. The time frame of these items span from the Jurassic times, to the 19th Century when Charles Darwin publicized his Evolution Theory. The Natural History Museum is also a globally renowned center for research, specializing in the categorization, identification and preservation of biological beings. The building itself is also one not to be missed - it is a work of art typical of England’s traditional architectural style. The Natural History Museum is separated into 4 main exhibition zones and are marked with different colors, which are orange, blue, green and red. Blue is known for its exhibition of items pertaining to the dinosaurs and mammals. It is also the most popular zone in the entire museum. Red Zone is the geology zone. Not only do you get to experience for yourself what an earthquake feels like and see a mock explosion of a volcano, you can also learn about the Big Bang and what our solar system would look like a couple billion of years from now. The Green zone is a zone for life and environment. Here you will primarily find fossils from birds, reptiles and minerals. The Orange Zone is the Wildlife biological garden and the Darwin center. A lot of free family events are hosted here regularly.
Brick Lane
Mushroom Jun's European Travel UK, London Brick Lane Street, the Brick Lane area is filled with trendy young students, trendy office workers and exaggerated styles. The current brick alley area can be divided into three parts: One is a food street that integrates food from all over the world, Italian food, Chinese food, Indian food, Japanese food, and many more. Not the name of the cuisine. When I arrived here, it was just noon. I spent a few pounds to buy a box of Chinese fast food and quickly prepared to go shopping. Of course you can also taste the famous grass juice here, drink it, and feel the sip of the sip on the grass. It slowly produces a burning sensation from the throat to the stomach. It is more than drinking. Still more violent. Second is a retro clothing store and flea market hidden in every corner, clothing stores such as Absolute Vintage, Rokit, and Vintage store, each dress looks very special, but personal feeling is still a test Skillful. The third is the fun of pure shopping. There will be many interesting stalls on the weekend market: the three uncles who play chess at the same time, he was here last year, the only difference this year is The sun is so good, he has a sun umbrella on his head, and he is still engrossed, playing with everyone for free. There is live music on the street, and many young bands preparing to release new albums will also choose the weekend market as a test of new songs. Walking on the street is a feast for the ears.
Tower Bridge
The Tower Bridge should be the bridge that connects the most qualified kings on all sides of the Thames. is designed to be enough to kill other common characters in its two games not only the top card on the Thames but also the most eye-catching in London. The biggest feature of the logo tower bridge is the two crown-shaped tower design 1894 when London is a prosperous port time to open 100 times a year I am in the second On the night of the night, I saw the opening of the Tower Bridge 2 times the first bridge in the Thames estuary in London, England is also the most famous of the 15 bridges on the Thames as long as the documentary or film related to London Tower Bridge's appearance rate is super high London Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge opened in 1894 to connect London North and South District as a whole. The bridge is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper level is a wide suspended walkway. Pedestrians pass through the bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Thames; the lower floor of the bridge is accessible to vehicles. There are museums, exhibition halls, shops and bars in the bridge towers on both sides. Tower Bridge: 9 for adults, 3.9 for 5-15 years old, 6.3 for students and over 60 years old, free for children under 5 years old, online reservations for discounts; Tower Bridge + Museum Package: 5 for adults, 4.7 pounds for 5-15 years old, 7.2 pounds for students and over 60 years old, free for children under 5 years old. summer (April-September)
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