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Joyce M
At first glance, I saw this staircase on the ins and was attracted. It was so beautiful. I wanted to check in at the time. This staircase is in the St.pancras Renaissance hotel London hotel. I saw that the real thing is more beautiful than the picture, and I returned to the era of elegance for a second. The location of the hotel is very good, just above the St.pancras International Railway Station and close to Kings Cross Station. The hotel's regular rooms are average, but if you upgrade to a suite, it's beautiful, but the price is beautiful. The hotels restaurant and afternoon tea are crowded every day, and the stairs are written Guests to use. If you can't live here, you can have a brunch, and it's not bad to take a photo.
Posted: 30 Nov, 2018
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The River Thames
繁忙的泰晤士河面,往来商船络绎。伦敦成为往来商船的良港和世界经济中心城市之一,泰晤士河功不可没。 碎片大厦,别称“摘星楼”,是与伦敦眼并称俯视伦敦的最佳地点,整座建筑由11000个玻璃薄片组成,其建筑过程耗资大、耗时长,是欧洲第一大高楼。 应伦敦东区商业发展的需求,伦敦塔桥于19世纪下半叶建成。桥面可翻转吊起,方便万吨级游轮通过。塔桥上的玻璃长廊是热门的游客打卡地点之一,站在玻璃长廊上,泰晤士河两岸风光尽收眼底。 伦敦塔静静地卧在泰晤士河边,落日的余晖在周围一众现代建筑的玻璃墙面上折射出彩色的光晕,堪堪盖过了城堡外墙灰黄的花岗岩。从诺曼底王朝、都铎王朝,到资产阶级革命,再到光荣革命,从封建君主制到共和国制,再到君主立宪制,断头台的血沿着白塔的石阶流下,在塔底干涸,将历史封存。作为英格兰人心中的故宫,伦敦塔的历史文化价值不可忽视。 作为世界上最繁华的金融经济中心之一,泰晤士河两岸建筑林立。明媚的午后乘船顺流东下,观赏外观各具特色的商场和办公楼,也是众多游客的热门选择。 千禧桥,顾名思义,是 2000年千禧之年落成的横跨泰晤士河两岸的桥。由于桥身纤细轻巧,又被称为“银带”。在《哈利波特与混血王子》中,千禧桥被大反派伏地魔摧毁,“银带”也因此成了哈利的麻瓜粉丝们必打卡的景点之一。 《帕丁顿熊》讲述了一只喜欢吃橙子果酱的秘鲁小熊在伦敦的的帕丁顿站迷路后,被人类带回家庭中,与人类相处的故事。动画片于2014年上映后,这只萌萌的小熊圈粉无数。 泰晤士河沿岸随处可见小憩的游客和当地市民。 伦敦眼的落日。雾都多云,暮色沉沉压下,伦敦眼华灯未上,泰晤士河水穿过伦敦,水花细碎,映着缓缓转动的摩天轮,仿佛古老的唱片留声机,低声咿呀讲述着日不落帝国的过去和将来。
Sen LI Photography
I have been here before, but I forgot that it is so beautiful. Its amazing to go through the big flower shop at the door. spring! spring! The most lively Oxford Street, the car came to the car, saw such a black and white wooden frame of the ancient architecture, beautiful and unique and independent, the first time to this can not guess is a department store, may be a museum This is London's most famous boutique department store, Liberty Liberty. The centuries-old free department store is a typical Tudor-style building. The information says that the wooden beams used in the store building are taken from two royal ships. Into the department store, it is even more stunned, with scratched wooden floors, ancient faded escalators, beautifully carved cloisters, as well as crystal chandeliers pouring over the atrium, and spring lanterns. All the luxury brands on display are mysterious and low-key. Gorgeous home improvement design like an art gallery, it has its own design team, the world's most beautiful and exquisite floral fabric. The most classic men's department, shirts, ties, shirt buttons, to ensure the best quality, women's and jewelry carefully selected, the fashion taste of the golden years. The founder of Liberty Department Store started out as home accessories, fabrics and art in the Far East, so the home accessories and fabrics here are the biggest highlights, especially the floral pattern fabrics are unique, floral fabrics Shirts, dresses, handbags, etc. become the most popular items
I am Ann An
The River Thames
A Thames Sightseeing Cruise with a London Pass. Before living in this time, I took a big step and walked across every bridge. I never thought about taking a boat trip to the Thames. The cruiser was like a talk show actor, dancing and talking about every building. The story of things. The ticket can be taken up and down on different docks on the same day. If the weather is fine in the summer, I think I can feel the wind and the wind is not tired. The world in the goose photo is only 2 degrees. How important is a river to a city? The Seine River is in Paris, the Hudson River is in New York, the Huangpu River is in Shanghai, the Rhine is in Vienna, the Vltava is in Prague, the Thames is in London... Thames Crossing London from west to east, dividing the city into two sides. In AD 43, the invader Rome established a port at the farthest point that the tides could reach. The battle turned to the stars and became the later London. The Thames is known as the Mother River of London. The Thames is synonymous with Times. It is a river that is closely related to time. British politician John Burns once said: The Thames is a flowing history. The London Thames Cruises operates daily sightseeing cruises between Westminster, London Eye, Riverside, Tower of London and Greenwich. A sightseeing cruise every 40 minutes is a great choice for all of London's iconic attractions. Visitors can take photos of the famous attractions such as Big Ben, Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye.
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