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Grassy HillNearby City

Grassy Hill

3.8/55 Reviews
Ranked #13 in Huize Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"I went to the scenic spot in 2019, and the time to enter the scenic spot was before ten in the morning. Because it was early in the morning and the clothes were not worn, it was a bit cold when the wind rose on the grassy hill, but when I stood and looked at the endless grassy hills running cows and sheep , I am so happy that I forgot about the cold! Fortunately, the sun won’t be cold after a while, the beautiful big grassy mountains, white clouds, fairy mists, flocks of cows and sheep, and the sound of sheep eating grass sounds so pleasing. The camera can only take pictures of a few beautiful scenery with a mobile phone. Listen to the introduction by the staff of the scenic spot; if you choose to go in July or August, the grassy hills are full of colorful small wild flowers, that would be more beautiful! (Because it is beautiful enough to go in June!) The regret is that since 2018, the scenic spot has stipulated that tourists are not allowed to enter the scenic spot by car, because the slopes of the grassy hills are large and large, and flocks of cattle and sheep walk on the road. , There will be safety hazards when tourists enter by car! However, if tourists plan to camp in Caoshan at night, they can take the scenic sightseeing car to enter the scenic spot during the day (the fare is 20 yuan per person for round trip). At 5:30 in the evening, return to the parking lot before work in the scenic area and drive your own car into the grassy mountain camping. There are grilled whole lamb, grilled lamb skewers, beef dung roasted big potato and other delicious food in the scenic area. Tourists can also bring their own barbecue grills. Barbecue with food at the camping spot, the temptation of beautiful delicacies, I plan to go again in August, the beautiful grassy hills, the beautiful small wild flowers, listening to the sound of the clear stream, the sound of the sheep, and the beautiful sleep in the camp. One of the great things in life..."