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Nature Reserve
Daqiao National Grusnigricollis Natural ReserveNearby City

Daqiao National Grusnigricollis Natural Reserve

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"Nature Reserve"
Ranked #7 in Huize Can't Miss Attractions
"Nianhu Lake is the bridge black-necked crane protection area. In Yangmeishan Village, the entrance is under a slope on the side of the road. Self-driving cars can drive to the free parking lot, then register, pay a deposit of 20 yuan, and give an entry badge badge. It takes about 10 minutes from the parking lot to Guanhe Road. Guanhe Road is 1,000 meters long, with a lake on both sides and a bridge in the middle. The island on the right is the habitat of black-necked cranes. The island is 30 meters away from Guanhe Road. here. If you want to shoot birds, please bring a telephoto of 600 or more. If you only watch birds, the telescope is useful. The best time for bird watching is in the morning, watching the sunrise and Nian Lake under the mist, bird watching, and 2 in the afternoon, watching the bird watching the sunset. In winter, Nian Lake is usually foggy, and the trees in the lake are all in the shadows, and the habitat of the red-crowned cranes is basically invisible. There are only a few birds swimming in the lake, so lucky to be able to photograph Lake Nian in the mist. The fog cleared around ten o'clock in the morning. When I walked back, I found that there were many red ducks on the lake beach on the right, and the lens range was not enough, so I approached gently more than 10 meters away from the ducks, which allowed me to fight close and took some bird photos that I was satisfied with. The water of Lake Nian in the sun is blue, birds are playing in the lake, and red-crowned cranes are walking around on the island. The sunset is around six o'clock and the scenery is amazing. For bird watching in the morning, you must wear thick, armed to the nose. It is really cold, especially the hands, which are covered with gloves. Nianhu Accommodation is recommended to stay in a homestay near or in the reserve. The inn next to the Daqiao Township Government on Ctrip is in good conditions. It is 7 kilometers away from Yangmeishan Village and about 15 minutes by car. In addition to Yangmeishan Village, there is also Lijiawan, and so on. There are icons on the side of Guanhe Road. To take a panoramic view of Lake Nian in the mist, local people have to take it to the top of the surrounding mountains."
Mt. Dawei Natural ReserveNearby City

Mt. Dawei Natural Reserve

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"Nature Reserve"
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Pingbian Dawei Mountain National Forest Park is located at the junction of Pingbian County and Hekou County in the south of Yunnan Province. It is adjacent to the Sino-Vietnam border in the south and Pingbian County in the north. It is 3 kilometers away from Yuping Town, the resident of Pingbian County, with a total area of 650,000 mu. The forest coverage rate is above 81.5%. The scenery here is beautiful and charming. Because it is on the Tropic of Cancer, it is called the "green pearl on the Tropic of Cancer". Walking into Dawei Mountain, such as being in a green treasure house, a natural zoo, is a good place for sightseeing and returning to nature, as well as experiencing folk customs. A good place to visit ancient times is also a paradise for leisure vacations and ecological health. Here, you can walk on the suspension bridge, climb the tree building, watch the sea of clouds, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, as well as dense forest exploration, special food, and even forest hotels. I often think that "beauty" is a very attractive word, which can arouse people's resonance with regard to the nature and attributes of objective things. One thousand readers will have one thousand Hamlet, one thousand people come to Dawei Mountain, then there will be a thousand Dawei Mountain. Any Dawei Mountain in your mind will be different from everything you see in the eyes of others. Today, let's talk about the "beauties" of Dawei Mountain and see if there is a kind of beauty that you want. The beauty of Dawei Mountain lies in its spirituality and water charm. When summer arrives slowly, the colors between the sky and the earth are completely natural, the mountains are clustered like emeralds, and the water is like emerald. The mountain peaks are ups and downs, and the lake is full of smoke. Deep in the vast forest, the thousand-year-old trees are vigorous and upright, majestic and peculiar, and magnificent. The mountains are rugged, the trees are verdant, and the scenery is beautiful. Whenever the clouds and mists are filled, the smoke and mist are in confusion, the sun shines and the mountains are always in the same color, and the clouds and peaks are integrated. Pingbian is the only Miao autonomous county in Yunnan. The quaint and mysterious Dawei Mountain virgin forest is a barrier to ecological security on the border. According to records, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to wars and other reasons, the Miao people could not bear the oppression and ethnic discrimination of the ruler and gradually migrated into the southwest. In the mountains and the lofty mountains of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The Pingbian Miao ancestors first entered Dawei Mountain and chose to live in caves or on gentle slopes by building simple tree houses, fishing and hunting animals, and slashing and burning, but they still could not escape the bad luck of oppression, exploitation, slaughter and expulsion. The two heroes of the Southern and Northern Miao Kings led the Miao people in hundreds of resistance struggles, but they were finally slaughtered because they were outnumbered. Due to the situation, the children of the Miao nationality buried two corpses in grass on two raised ridges in the depths of the Dawei Mountain. Later, in order to commemorate the spirit of the two heroes who led the Miao people to fight against oppression, people called them the Southern and Northern Miao Kings and continued the memorial activities to this day. The Dawei Shanshui Siege Restaurant focuses on edible wild herbs and features the original Miaojia flavor. Through careful and meticulous cooking, the taste of the ingredients is restored. The characteristics of Miaowang chicken, old Miao pig's feet, cold tree flowers, cold grass and fruit buds... every bite is a natural taste. In a person's life, what is important is the awareness of the world. Smelling the pure air, touching the growth of the earth, hearing the sound of small animals jumping in the jungle...The ability to perceive is an essential condition for traveling. The wind blows the trees and sways, the rain moistens the soil and patters, one grass and one tree, one flower and one leaf, constantly changing with the passing of the seasons."