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Ranked #3 in Yibin Important Religious Institutions
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"We drove from Chongqing to the Bamboo Sea. It takes about 3 hours to get off the high speed to Changning County. We saw that there are still about 20 kilometers to the navigation. Just past Changning County, the sight is a piece of bamboo forest. The car is very cool in the bamboo forest. (Later asked the owner of the "Farm Love Bamboo Hotel" that the road is called the Bamboo Ecological Tunnel), in the bamboo forest, every little bit can see the water like jade. Beautiful! When you arrive at the gate of the scenic spot, you need to buy tickets. We booked the hotel in advance. The staff opened the waybill for us and you can drive the car directly into the scenic spot! It is still very convenient. The heart of the formal scenic spot is still very happy. Continuous rolling bamboo forest. First of all, the Yuntai is the viewing platform, the introduction said that the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony on the United States picture shooting site (baigui worships birthday), really very atmospheric! Another two or three kilometers to the emerald promenade, Guanhailou, actually personally feel not very good looking, is a stone road, Guanhailou in the maintenance, did not see, next to the cableway 75 yuan a person back and forth, if not afraid of heights, it is recommended to sit, mainly to see the scenery! Finally to the top, the hotel is on the top, obviously feels much cooler than the down! Several attractions around are very close, it is a bit tired to the store, so I decided to go to the attractions again the next day. I ordered the bamboo sea feature at night. I highly recommend his family's ribs and bamboo hair belly. The taste is very good. Our boss family is also very enthusiastic. The room is quite spacious. We set the standard room. Inside is two 1.5 meters of big beds, 3.4 no problem with personal stay. Veteran husband and wife, enthusiastic, simple. Cost-effective"